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        Tree Preservation Order/Listed Building Planning Enforcement Site Visit Procedure

        When arriving at site in response to a complaint, Thanet District Council officer will identify themselves, their job title and the purpose of the visit.


        Council officers will assess the works being carried out and note any visible information, including the extent of works carried out, contact details on commercial vehicles, etc.


        Council Officers will:


        1. Identify person carrying out works

        2. Ascertain if they own the site or are working under instruction through direct questioning.

        3. Advise all works to cease while situation is assessed if work is ongoing.

        4. Carry out full inspection of the works carried out, keeping questions to a minimum at this point.

        5. If the works have just commenced and no irreversible damage has been done, check offenders details are correct and ask for owners details if applicable. Advise all works must cease immediately as they are committing a criminal offence and advise no further works must take place until permission has been sought and secured.

        6. When back in the office confirm the site meeting in writing, again advising it is a criminal offence to carry out works without permission.

        7. If more serious works have been carried out, an interview under caution should be carried out on site, making sure the offender signs the written caution when the interview is terminated.

        8. This must be confirmed in writing. If the person interviewed is working under instruction then contact the developer/owner in writing and invite them in for an  interview under caution. Enclose booklet explaining the caution process with the letter.

        9. Site notes shall be made detailing all events, names and information gathered, and these shall be recorded in connection with the enforcement case.


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