Corporate Values 2015 to 19 - How we will work

Corporate Priorities

Our focus over the next four years

Corporate Values

How we will work

These corporate values identify the way the council will work in order to deliver its priorities

Value 1: Delivering value for money

This will involve us:

  • Transforming and targeting resources to deliver the right services, in the right way, to improve our customer experience, whether delivered directly, in partnership or commissioned externally.

  • Ensuring that we operate in an open, honest and accountable manner - expecting the same standards of partners and stakeholders.

  • Delivering services in the most cost effective and efficient way.

  • Ensuring we achieve a stable and sustainable budget, capable of withstanding economic pressures.


Value 2: Supporting the workforce

This will involve us:

  • Recruiting and retaining skilled, committed and motivated people.

  • Setting high performance standards and actively supporting staff to reach them.

  • Being a forward thinking, innovative employer, encouraging new ways of working.

  • Encouraging staff to propose new ideas to improve and develop services.

  • Treating our customers fairly and professionally in the delivery of good quality customer service.


Value 3: Promoting open communications

This will involve us:

  • Listening to the needs of the community and using this information to continue improving our services.

  • Providing clear, meaningful and timely communications.

  • Using the most effective method of communication for the intended audience.

  • Keeping residents and stakeholders informed about plans and work programmes in a way which is easy to access and understand.