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        Thank you to everyone who completed the Margate Town Deal questionnaire, attended one of our face to face or digital events. The first phase of community and local engagement, which focused on developing a shared vision and understanding priorities for change, has now ended.

        We have analysed these responses as part of the evidence required in the development of the Margate Town Investment Plan. The information gathered through this engagement as well as statistical data about Margate’s residents, businesses and stakeholders is being used to help define the Town Investment Plan and inform selection of projects.

        If you need either of these reports in an alternative format please contact us.

        Phase one has now concluded but there will be other chances to get involved and have your say in the future.

        Margate Town Deal People’s Panel

        What is a People’s Panel?

        A People’s Panel is an innovative democratic tool used all over the world. It brings together a randomly selected group of people who broadly represent the wider population. Those who attend learn about important issues, discuss them with one another and then make recommendations about what should happen and how things should change.  People’s Panels are used by statutory agencies to identify local priorities and to engage people on specific issues.

        Why does the Margate Town Deal need a People’s Panel?

        An important part of the Margate Town Deal process is engaging with local people.  The Margate Town Deal People’s Panel is just one of the ways we are doing  this.  The Panel will give members of the public a voice in the development of the Town Deal. The Town Deal Board, who make decisions about the investment of the funding and the Town Investment Plan, will benefit from the knowledge, ideas and issues that local people bring to the table alongside evidence from a wider range of sources. 

        The People’s Panel is not itself a decision making body, so the membership will not be made public.  Their role will be to help the board understand public opinions and put forward ideas for the board to consider.

        How was the Panel chosen?

        The Margate Town Deal is made up of 50 members of the public selected at random to broadly represent the wider population.  Anyone who lives or works in Margate could apply for the Panel with the exception of the following:

        • Members of decision making / strategic team at Thanet District Council or Kent County Council;
        • Political representative e.g. an MP, Councillor, Mayor or Charter Trustee;
        • Senior official for a community group or organisation or Town Deal stakeholder (including those who have applied for funding from the Town Deal).

        Every applicant completed a form providing demographic details. These applications were then anonymised during the application process and a random sample was selected on the basis of the profile below based on census and other demographic data.

        The table below compares the demographics of Margate (the target percentage) with the makeup of the Panel itself.  

         Population based TargetPercentage on Panel
        18-29 years15%8%
        30-39 years15%22%
        40-49 years15%20%
        50-59 years17%20%
        60-69 years16%16%
        70-79 years14%14%
        80+ years8%0%
        White British84%68%
        White Non-British10%22%
        Other / Self-described2%0%
        Living with a Disability18%14%
        No Disability82%86%
        Employment Status
        Self Employed15%26%
        Student Sample size too small for reliable estimate0%
        Looking After Family/Home11%11%
        Unable to work due to sickness8%6%
        Other 2%


        The process is not perfect, and selection was completely anonymous and random.  You will see that some groups are unfortunately under represented, for example people under the age 29. In this case, a random selection was taken from other age groups to take the membership of the Panel to 50.  

        What happens next?

        The Panel will meet digitally on Monday, 5 October to talk about their roles and responsibilities, agree a code of conduct and discuss how they want to be engaged given the current limitations resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Over the lifetime of the detail the Panel will be asked to take part in meetings, focus groups and activities as well as to complete questionnaires to support the Town Deal process.   

        Is it too late for me to join the Panel? 

        The Panel is now closed for applications, but membership will be reviewed throughout the lifetime of the Town Deal to ensure it reflects the community.  If and when places become available we will put a call out to the general public.  

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