In 2020 the first phase of community and local engagement focused on developing a shared vision and understanding priorities for change.  Responses to Margate Town Deal questionnaires, face to face and digital events were analysed as part of the evidence required in the development of the Margate Town Investment Plan. The information gathered through this engagement as well as statistical data about Margate’s residents, businesses and stakeholders was used to help define the Town Investment Plan and inform selection of projects.

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        We are now in a second phase of engagement of the Margate Town Deal which aims to support the business case development stage in the Town Deal process.  We have up to twelve months to submit full business cases following the final project list being submitted to the Government in June 2021.  It is important that the Board bring the community along with them on Margate’s Town Deal journey and help ‘make it Margate’.  If you’d like to find out about engagement events and activities during the business case phase please join our mailing list.

        The People’s Panel

        The Panel, of around 50 members, was set up in October 2020 and worked with the Town Deal Board and project team to develop the Town Investment Plan which has provisionally secured up to £22.2 million of funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). We have just completed a process of increasing and refreshing the panel membership to support the next phase of the town deal.  Thank you to everyone who applied to join the Panel,  we had over 80 people apply. We are looking forward to welcoming those who were successful to the next People’s Panel meeting this summer. 

        What is a People’s Panel?

        A People’s Panel is an innovative democratic tool used all over the world. It brings together a randomly selected group of people who broadly represent the wider population. Those who attend learn about important issues, discuss them with one another and then put forward ideas about what should happen and how things could change.  People’s Panels are used by statutory agencies to identify local priorities and to engage people on specific issues.

        Why does the Margate Town Deal need a People’s Panel?

        In terms of the role of the panel, one way to think about it is “making it Margate”.  Alongside a wider programme of community engagement, panel members will help to ensure the drivers for change and evidence of need reflect the perspectives of local people.  The proposals for the Town Investment Plan will draw on learnings from other towns and cities from around the globe, but there is no place like Margate so working with the panel will enable the Town Deal Board to ensure it is “making it Margate.” The panel’s purpose is to be a ‘critical friend’ and ensure that the evidence collected informs the Board and helps it make decisions that reflect the Margate you live and work in.  

        The People’s Panel is not itself a decision making body, so the membership will not be made public.  Its role is to help the Board understand public opinions and put forward ideas for consideration

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