Following the submission of the Final Project List in June 2021, we have up to twelve months to develop full business cases for the Margate Town Deal.   It is then only once these business cases are developed that the Town Deal funds will be received and the five year delivery phase of projects can begin. 

        The Margate Town Deal Board has identified seven potential business cases.

        Business CasesTown Investment Plan InterventionProjectPotential Funding Allocation
        Business Case 1

        Potentially Fast Tracked

        Intervention 1:

        Scaling Creative Production and Skills

        Creative Land Trust£6,000,000
        Outreach programme£900,000
        Business Case 2Theatre Royal£2,000,000
        Business Case 3Intervention 2:

        Coastal Wellbeing

        Access Walpole to include; Refurbishment of lift and rotunda, steps, and tidal pool and surrounds£1,100,000
        Testing new uses, participation and skills programme£1,200,000
        Improved Coastal EnvironmentOval Bandstand: £500,000

        Skatepark: £750,000

        Business Case 4Intervention 3:

        Active Movement and Connections

        Highway Interventions£5,300,000
        Business Case 5Public Realm Interventions
        Business Case 6Intervention 4:

        Heritage Assets

        Business Case 7Winter Gardens £300,000

        The business cases will need to follow the Government’s Green Book Five Case Model to include a Strategic, Economic, Financial, Commercial, and Management case. 

        A proportionate approach will be taken to the business cases in relation to the scale of the project.  The Margate Town Deal Board intends to work with specialist consultants and project deliverers where necessary to develop the business cases.

        The business case development phase will be supported and informed by a programme of community and stakeholder engagement.  This will include continued work with the Margate Town Deal People’s Panel.

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