Thanet District Council is changing the management of some of its open spaces for pollinators by:

  • Not cutting many parks and squares in May as promoted by Plantlife charity #NomowMay. We will only cut around the edges of these parks in May.Some areas will still be cut where there is high footfall, on sports pitches or if the area is ornamental. Read about No mow May here. 
  • Creating some allocated wildflower rich grassland areas along the coast. These allocated areas will not be cut in the summer months, apart from around the perimeter of the allocation and through the centre, as a walkway. As we have many native wildflower seeds already in the soil along the open spaces of the chalk coastline, we envisage that native flowers will flourish and attract a variety of insects.
  • Installing signs to tell residents what we are doing, including information about the importance of pollinators and an email address for residents to feedback on the project. We hope that these wild areas, the flowers and pollinators will increase the wellbeing of residents and visitors.

In 2019, TDC called a climate and ecological emergency. This change in management is part of the immediate action we can take to combat the ecological crisis and create beautiful native wildflowers for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Areas that are included in No mow May:

Most parks will be included in No mow May but not ornamental areas / memorial parks / areas with high footfall.

  • Crispe Park Birchington
  • Adrian Square Westgate
  • Ethelbert Square Westgate
  • Lymington Rec Westgate
  • Quex Rd Green Westgate
  • George V Avenue Westbrook
  • Dane Park Margate, Park Crescent Rd side
  • Hartsdown, (not football pitches area) 
  • Tivoli near the football club, new planting has taken place.
  • Dane Valley Green, rear of the site
  • Northdown House, road side area.
  • Courtstairs Park, 
  • Nethercourt, right hand side area not the play area side.
  • KGVI Park, Montefiore end right of The Gate House.
  • Pierremont Park

Areas which will not be part of the No mow May scheme and will receive the full scheme of cuts

These areas are included in this list due to either very high footfall, or they are highly visible, are ornamental areas or possibly highly unacceptable to residents.

  • Football, Rugby and Cricket Grounds
  • Playgrounds.
  • Marine Gardens
  • Buenos Ayres
  • Hawley Square
  • Sea Road either end of Sunken Gardens
  • Trinity Square
  • Dell Gardens
  • Newgate Gap
  • St Georges Lawns
  • Spencer Square
  • Liverpool Lawn
  • Nelson Crescent
  • Albion Gardens
  • Oval Bandstand

*Victoria Gardens and Broadstairs Memorial Rec have been added as these will now become an events site.

*Hawley Square will now not be cut until June due to resident feedback and we will consider this area for full No mow May next year. 

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