Ramsgate Future – Levelling Up Fund Programme

What is the Levelling Up Fund?

The Levelling Up Fund is a Government funding programme to support investment in local infrastructure projects that can have a positive impact on people and their communities. The funding is available to Local Authorities and focuses on smaller transport projects that make a genuine difference to local areas; town centre and high street regeneration; and support for maintaining and expanding the UK’s world-leading portfolio of cultural and heritage assets.


How will the Levelling Up Fund be managed?

The Levelling Up Fund projects all have to be completed by March 2024.  Thanet District Council is the responsible body for the delivery of the programme and will manage this internally.   Due to the skills required, we will be appointing specialist contractors to take forward the projects including project managers, architects, quantity surveyors and construction teams when required. We will source, wherever possible, local contractors but also aim to ensure that the contractors we appoint look at using local labour.

The projects have been clearly defined within the Levelling Up Bid, however there is scope (budget dependent) to consider the design and requirements within each project. 

There will be opportunities for residents to become involved in certain projects, and we will ensure that we make these opportunities widely available. 


Can you provide further details on the proposed Port scheme?

Thanet District Council has now created a Plan clearly outlining the different zones of the Port.  This was informed by both the successful Levelling Up Fund monies and also the WSP High Level Feasibility Study of the Port carried out in 2020.   

Ramsgate Port Zone Plan

We can also confirm that the Levelling Up Funds are not to support the refurbishment of Berth 4/5 which is a separate project. 


What will happen with the current tenants of Smackboys?

The Council is committed to working with and supporting tenants of buildings that are involved in, or affected by, the district’s Levelling Up projects. We will be in contact with all of those who may be affected as we develop the projects further.


What will happen to the museum collection when the Clock House becomes vacant?

We will work with the current tenants to ensure the collection is secured. 


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