Ramsgate Future – Levelling Up Fund Programme

Recent Developments

As projects develop, we will add further information to this section.

February 2022:

  • We are working with Ramsgate Society to develop the delivery plan and Lottery Funding bid for the Clock House project.
  • We have recently gone out to tender for a conditions survey to be undertaken on berths 2 and 3 at the Port.
  • Discussions are taking place (and will continue to do so) with both port and harbour users to assist the delivery of the relevant projects.

March 2022:

  • We are presently undertaking soft market testing to assess what boutique venue operators feel could be provided at the Smackboys venue.
  • Discussions are taking place with Higher Education establishments to identify the types of training to be provided within the Green Campus.
  • Discussions have taken place with the Thanet Fishermen’s Association, RNLI and other stakeholders to help inform the development of the project brief for the fishing facilities project.

April 2022:

  • A very productive workshop took place with key stakeholders to consider the potential look and feel of the new fishing facility.  Stakeholders considered what would be required for the new processing facilities and how this would work alongside other harbour users. 
  • A conditions survey for berth 3 has been let to an engineering consultant and a report is expected at the beginning of June.
  • A site visit of the Clock House has also taken place as well as a meeting to review the design proposals to this historic Grade II* listed building including Thanet District Council planners and Historic England.  Officers are presently working on developing an expression of interest for funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. 

May 2022

  • Clock House – A draft Expressions of Interest has been created for the Heritage Lottery bid, and we are currently making final adjustments to this before it can be submitted.
  • Smackboys  – A meeting has been held with the Sea Cadets and we are working with them to consider their options for relocation. 
  • Green Campus – Engagement work with higher education establishments and industry stakeholders is continuing to progress.  The outputs of this engagement will help inform design concepts.
  • Newington Community – We have held a meeting with Newington Community Centre to progress this project. 
  • Port of Ramsgate – A condition survey of berth 3 at the Port has been completed and a contract for survey work focussed on underground services at the port is being procured.

June 2022

  • Clock House – We have submitted a draft Expressions of Interest to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the proposed extension and exhibition space. 
  • Smackboys – Initial concepts have been designed, outlining how the venue could look and operate.  We will use the concepts in our discussions with potential operators. 
  • Newington Community Access to Opportunities – Newington Community Association has confirmed that they would be very interested in taking the project forward and we are continuing discussions. 
  • Ramsgate Town Access to Opportunities – Initial discussions have taken place with an existing building owner, to take forward this project. 
  • Port – A condition survey of berth 3 at the port of Ramsgate has been completed and a contract for underground survey work has been awarded.

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