Explore Thanet

Thanet enjoys an attractive combination of coast and countryside and is a popular holiday and day-trip destination. The Kentish countryside of rolling hills, woodlands and pretty villages is within easy reach as are miles of coastline varying from sandy beaches to towering cliffs.

The County of Kent also offers a rich array of historic attractions and magnificent buildings whilst northern France and Belgium can be easily reached from the nearby Port of Ramsgate, port of Dover or the Channel Tunnel.

One of Thanet’s main attractions is its location in relation to the rest of Kent, London, Europe and beyond.

  • Thanet is just over an hour’s drive from the outskirts of London and has major road links to the rest of Kent.
  • Situated at the Gateway to Europe, the Port of Ramsgate is well placed to play its part in contributing to meeting demand passenger and freight facilities in the south east. 
  • The high speed rail link from London to Ramsgate brings Thanet even closer to the capital.
  • There’s more money left for ‘living’ in Thanet, where the price of a detached home is approximately 20% lower than the national average and homes in Ramsgate are around 50% cheaper than London.


Drawing visitors back year after year, Broadstairs is a small coastal town on the Isle of Thanet.

Quaint shops, seven bays of golden sand, Charles Dickens and delicious ice cream are just some of the wicked delights nestled in this picture postcard of a seaside town.



Famed for its bathing waters, the golden sandy stretches of Margate are home to a town with passion. Margate is a dream land for many.

Whether looking for the seaside heritage, the Turner sunsets or the stunning  art and regeneration, you'll find it in Margate. 


Ramsgate is a seaside town in the district of Thanet. One of the great English 19th century seaside towns, and Cinque Port to boot. World class sailing, powerboats, tall-ships cafe-culture and regency architecture.

The town is a fantastic place to visit and a gateway to Europe.

Thanet villages

Smugglers tales, an abbey with Saxon origins, a Viking longship, a nature reserve with rare orchids, a vital World War aircraft base and an explorer's collection of mammals and artefacts acquired on expeditions to Africa and Asia.

Just some of the fabulous treasures hidden in the villages of Thanet.