Bad weather disruption

        Our crews have been working hard to collect bins despite the snow and treacherous conditions. Extra collections have taken place to catch up on bins that were not collected due to the weather.

        As the temperature is still extremely cold, we have asked our staff to only collect bins where it is safe to do so. Pavements in and around a lot of properties remain slippery and icy, and pulling heavy bins along to the trucks make it even trickier. Keeping people safe is our priority!

        If your bins have not been collected by the end of the day on Saturday 13 February, please take note of the following information so you know what to do –

        • If you were due a recycling collection and have not had it collected by the end of the day on Saturday 13 February:

        Please take your recycling back in until your next recycling collection. We will collect your black bin as usual on your next scheduled collection. 

        When you are next due your recycling collection (in the week commencing 22 February), if you have any extra recycling please leave it by your bin within a cardboard box or recyclable container, or tie it securely with string. We will not be able to accept recycling presented in black bags.

        • If you were due a black bin collection and have not had it collected by the end of the day on Saturday 13 February: 

        Please present your black bin AND your recycling bin at your next scheduled collection. We will have two separate vehicles collecting this waste. We hope the collection of both bins will take place on the same day as your usual collection. However if your black bin is not collected on this day, please continue to present it until it is emptied. Please ensure your bins are presented at the roadside by 6am.

         You do not need to contact us to tell us if your bin has been missed.

        Further information:

        Wheeled bin collections

        Please check your collection day, putting out the correct bin for that week and leaving it out all week until the bin is emptied. Our crews will keep trying to get to you, weather permitting.

        We will update our missed bin information page with further details of where we may have been unable to make collections.

        Black sack collections

        If they’re not collected by the middle of the afternoon, please take your black sacks in to stop animals or seagulls getting to them. Please put your black sacks back out by 6am each weekday until they are collected. Our crews will keep trying to get to you, weather permitting. Ideally, protect your black sacks by placing them in normal dustbins or covering them with an old sheet or tablecloth. Please do not leave your black sacks out all night.

        Blue recycling bin/box collections & Paper and cardboard collections

        Please take your paper and cardboard in and keep it until the next scheduled collection.

        If the weather is bad for a whole week, we will have a lot of collections to catch up on. Here’s how you can help us:

        Wheeled bin collections

        If in doubt, put both bins out…

        We will do our best to get the collections on to the right schedule as quickly as possible.

        Black sack collections

        Please put all your black sacks out by 6am on the next scheduled collection day.

        Blue recycling bin/box & paper and cardboard collections

        Please put all your recycling out by 6am on the next scheduled collection day.


        We appreciate that if you do miss a collection due to bad weather you may have more waste and we will relax our “no side waste” rule for one week only. But we would ask you to only put out excess waste if you have no means of storing it.

        Please note that it may be necessary to dispose of the recycling to landfill to ensure that collections get back to normal as quickly as possible.

        Black lidded bin waste

        If this is unavoidable, please put your excess household waste in black sacks by the side of your black lidded bin by 6 am. To stop animals or seagulls attacking the exposed black sacks, please take them back inside if they are not collected by middle of the afternoon.

        Please do not leave your black sacks out all night.

        Blue lidded bin recycling

        Please place your recycling into carrier bags, inside out unused charity bags or white kitchen sacks by the side of your blue lidded bin.


        When we know in advance of changes to your collection day, we will give you as much notice as we can.

        If unexpected changes happen due to severe weather or circumstances outside our control, it is much harder to get the message out to all residents.

        Councils must often make collection decisions early on the morning that they are due. This is not unique to us – other councils all have the same problem.

        We will keep it updated with as much information as possible. If services are disrupted or suspended, we will put a notice on the homepage of this site as soon as there is information for you.


        Please remember that our vehicles are very large and not as easy to control to as a car. We have to consider the safety of both residents and their property, as well as our staff. Footpaths that are icy are particularly treacherous to our crews, and poor street lighting in the early hours of the morning can make collecting the bins very difficult. We thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation should collections be affected by bad weather.


        Road gritting is the responsibility of Kent County Council. They are the highway authority and are responsible for all highway safety issues. You can find more information about the services they provide on Kent County Council’s website.

        The council will always, as we have done in the past, try and help Kent County Council wherever we can. The council’s street cleaning and grounds maintenance teams will be helping Kent County Council by clearing snow and gritting pavements in the town centres outside the shops. Where possible, we will also try and grit the key car parks across Thanet.


        If weather conditions are uncertain for the weekend, then we could not guarantee that the council would be able to complete the missed collections. In addition, it is likely that only a smaller number of residents would place their rubbish or recycling out for collection.

        If this is the case, then the council will stick to weekday collections.


        Bad weather in other parts of the country can affect our collections. We need to be able to take the waste and recycling some where once we collect it and if the transfer stations can’t move the waste out to the processors then they won’t have capacity to take material in.

        We will be catching up on missed collections whilst also making scheduled collections so it may take a few days after the weather has improved before we return to collect your waste.


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