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        Corporate Priorities and Values 2015 – 2019

        Working together for Thanet

        Corporate Priorities

        These corporate priorities identify the areas the council will focus on over the next four years

        Priority 1: A clean and welcoming environment

        We want to encourage pride in our district by keeping Thanet clean.  We are determined frontline services get it right.

        This will involve us:

        • Continuing to improve waste and recycling services, reducing waste and increasing recycling.
        • Keeping streets, parks and open spaces clean for residents and visitors.
        • Maintaining zero tolerance to encourage positive behaviour to help improve our environment.

        Priority 2: Supporting neighbourhoods

        We will work with partner agencies through the Thanet Health and Wellbeing Board to support people to make better lifestyle choices and operationally through our range of services provided directly to residents.

        This will involve us:

        • Continuing our commitment to work with the public, private, voluntary and community sector to ensure the best outcomes for Thanet.
        • Ensuring local residents have access to good quality housing, which meets people’s changing needs and aspirations that is safe and affordable.
        • Continuing to work with partners to improve community safety.
        • Proactively enabling a collaborative partnership to reduce health inequalities.

        Priority 3: Promoting inward investment and job creation

        Our vision is to accelerate growth and achieve greater economic prosperity for our district. We will seek opportunities for inward investment, high quality job creation and work with partners to ensure we have the right skills, infrastructure and plans in place.

        This will involve us:

        • Actively seeking inward investment, exploring the potential for using Enterprise Zones; encouraging new and existing businesses which support growth in the local and visitor economy.
        • Working with partners to make the most of the buildings and land we own. Maximising commercial opportunities for key assets.
        • Writing a Local Plan which sets planning strategies and policies that support growth of the economy.
        • Working with education and training providers to develop the skills agenda for the benefit of residents and local businesses.
        BUDGET: £19m; CAPITAL INVESTMENT: £41m for 2015-19 and future years LIKELY SAVINGS REQUIRED FOR 2015/16-2018/19: £2.6m by planning ahead, managing costs and transforming services.

        Corporate Values 2015 to 2019

        These corporate values identify the way the council will work in order to deliver its priorities

        Value 1: Delivering value for money

        This will involve us:

        • Transforming and targeting resources to deliver the right services, in the right way, to improve  customer experience; whether delivered directly, in partnership or commissioned externally.
        • Ensuring that we operate in an open, honest and accountable manner – expecting the same standards of partners and stakeholders.
        • Delivering services in the most cost effective and efficient way.
        • Ensuring we achieve a stable and sustainable budget, capable of withstanding economic pressures.

        Value 2: Supporting the workforce

        This will involve us:

        • Recruiting and retaining skilled, committed and motivated people.
        • Setting high performance standards and actively supporting staff to reach them.
        • Being a forward thinking, innovative employer, encouraging new ways of working.
        • Encouraging staff to propose new ideas.
        • Treating our customers fairly and professionally in the delivery of good quality customer service.

        Value 3: Promoting open communications

        This will involve us:

        • Listening to the needs of the community and using this information to continue improving our services.
        • Providing clear, meaningful and timely communication
        • Using the most effective method of communication for the intended audience.
        • Keeping residents and stakeholders informed about plans and work programmes in a way which is easy to access and understand.

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