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ANPR parking in Trinity Square car park

Thanet District Council is piloting the use of a new ticketless digital parking system in the Trinity Square car park in Margate, which will be going live on Monday 24 June 2019.

The new system will offer additional methods of payment and will allow users pay for the amount of parking they’ve used when they leave the car park.

Although the project is new to Thanet, digital parking has been used across the country for several years.

The ticketless system reads your registration number, via cameras at the entrance and exit of the car park, allowing you to only pay for the amount of time that you are parked for. The system also enables you the convenience of paying by card or apple/android pay instead of coins.

If you are a regular user of Trinity Square car park you may wish to register online for an AutoPay account. Then, when you leave the car park, the payment will automatically be taken from your chosen bank account.

You can apply for an AutoPay account here. Please remember that AutoPay is only available at Trinity Square car park in Margate.


To continue to use the car park for free Blue Badge holders must register their vehicles. You can do this by completing the form online. If you have any difficulties accessing the online form please contact us on 01843 577000.

By registering you will continue to be able to park for free in Trinity Square car park. However, you must continue to display a valid blue badge in your vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a fine.


The changes will not have any effect on the medical centre’s users (although consideration may need to be given whilst engineering works are underway). They will continue to pay for their parking as they do now but with additional methods to pay. However, there will be a 10 minute ‘grace’ period, where users will not be charged, to allow them to pop in and collect prescriptions or medication.


The system will recognise vehicles that have the appropriate parking permits, and will allow entry and exit to the car park without charge.


We carried out a range of research, including speaking to car park users, to identify the most suitable location for the trial. Trinity Square best meets the required criteria and will provide us with the data required to evaluate the success of the pilot.


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