Economic and Employment Assessment

This establishes employment growth projections to the end of the plan period (2031), updating those within the Employment Land Review.  It considers the current economy of Thanet including analysis of statistics, employment land use and trends and drivers, as well as an assessment of future land requirements.

Employment Land Review 2010

This is evidence to support the allocation of land for employment uses, including a review of existing employment sites, and an assessment of the scale and nature of likely future demand for employment to 2026. This has been updated by Employment Development in Thanet 2018 which identifies areas of change, reviews conclusions, draws together employment evidence, and gives reasoning behind the level of growth planned for to 2031 and the economic strategy to achieve this.

To download a copy: Employment Land Review (PDF, 1377 Kb)

Employment Land Review Appendices

Economic Development In Thanet July 2018

Thanet Economic Growth Strategy   November 2016

Town Centre Retail, Leisure, Tourism and Culture Assessment 2012

This is an assessment of retail need, using a household expenditure survey, which forecasts retail need to the end of the plan period (2031). It also includes assessments of leisure, culture and tourism uses and needs for the town centres.

Employment Topic Paper

The Employment Topic Paper has been produced to support the Issues and options consultation, and draws together evidence to develop and assess policy options relating to the economy of Thanet.

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