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Landscape Character Assessment 2017

The 2017 document assesses Thanet’s landscapes and their important features and qualities.  The document is a Kent-wide landscape assessment which aims to ensure the continued distinctiveness of our landscapes.

Thanet Landscape Character Assessment August 2017
For ease of reference, figures 2.1, 2.2  and the Landscape Character map are shown below

The statement below sets out the consultation undertaken to date.

Statement of consultation for the Thanet Landscape Character Assessment August 2018

The statement below sets out the latest consultation undertaken.

Statement of Consultation March 2020

Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Plan (SAMM)

The Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) is used by large numbers of migratory birds.  Recreational activities at the coast have been shown to cause the disturbance of birds.  This Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Plan (SAMM) provides a strategy to mitigate the potential in-combination impacts of new housing development and resulting recreational pressure on the SPA.

Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Plan – Main Report (April 2016)
Thanet SAMM Revised Tariff 17K

Thanet wader and visitor survey report_31 July 2019

Thanet Wader Survey 2020

For further information visit eastkent.birdwise.org.uk

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been prepared to present advice and recommendations on the implications of flood risk and climate change.  Please note that there will be an addendum to the SFRA to reflect the recently completed sea defences in Margate.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment addendum January 2018

Open Space Audit

The Council has recently updated the Open Space audit and has commissioned studies on Open Space, Playing Pitches and Sports Facilities.

An Executive Summary of these strategies is available below.

Local Green Space

This report and the addendum sets out the policy background and assesses the proposals for local green space received as part of the public consultation on the draft Local Plan Proposed Revisions (Preferred Options) January 2017.

Local Green Space report January 2018 

Addendum to the Report on Assessment of Local Green Space Proposals August 2018 


Topic Papers

We have prepared a number of Topic Papers to support the proposed Issues and Options Consultation. These draw together the various evidence sources and identify and consider specific issues and options.

Natural Environment (PDF)

Water Cycle (PDF)

Climate Change (PDF)

Quality Development (PDF)


A Local Climate Impacts Profile for Kent – A summary of impacts from past severe weather events 1996-2010 (KCC)

The impacts of 52 severe weather events resulting from our changing climate on the county over a 14 year period.  The study highlights vulnerabilities to severe weather events and how they may affect local communities, local authority assets, infrastructure and capacity to deliver services.


Climate Local Kent Commitment

A Local Government Association initiative to reduce carbon emissions and improve resilience to the affects of our changing climate and extreme weather. View the document


Stour Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy (May 2003)

How to manage surface and groundwater abstraction licences and help recover resources in parts of the catchment where abstraction is unsustainable. View the document (PDF 1.6mb)


River Basin Management Plan – South East River Basin district (December 2009) Water Resource Management Plan

Identifies the pressures facing the water environment and the actions that can address them. View the document


Isle of Grain to South Foreland Shoreline Management Plan Review (2010)

This is a high-level document that forms an important part of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) strategy for flood and coastal defence. View the document


Surface Water Management Plan (November 2012)

An investigation of local flooding issues such as flooding from sewers, drains groundwater and runoff from land, small watercourses and ditches that occurs as a result of heavy rainfall.  The report can be viewed via the Kent County Council website. View the document


Thanet Air Quality Action Plan 2013

An Action Plan to coordinate strategies to offer a comprehensive strategic approach to the improvement of air quality across Thanet. Thanet Air Quality Action Plan


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