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        Evidence Base for Potential Housing Sites

        The South East Plan required us to provide for at least 7,500 new homes in Thanet over the period 2006 to 2026.  On 13 December 2010 the Government’s Localism Bill signalled the intention to revoke that plan, and we will now need to address, through the planning process what provisions will be appropriate for Thanet. In preparing our Local Development Framework (LDF) we are assessing the potential of a pool of sites in the District to contribute to our housing land supply.  More information about this Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment is set out below.

        Sites submitted by developers and landowners

        Early in the Local Plan preparation process, we invited developers and landowners to supply details of any sites they believe have future development potential.

        In response, many sites have been drawn to our attention. The location of the sites submitted is shown on maps. There is also a list stating each site’s location and cross-referenced to the maps by a submission reference number. Some additional sites were submitted at the Preferred Options stage of the Local Plan. These can be viewed below.

        It is important to note that some submitted sites were put forward requesting allocation for purposes other than housing development.

        Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

        This is the mechanism we are using to assess our pool of sites for their housing potential. (The pool includes the landowner/developer sites mentioned above). An earlier (2010) SHLAA has been superseded and the new SHLAA has a base date of 2013.

        The SHLAA results will provide the information needed to help us decide on the best sites to allocate for new homes.  Indications in the SHLAA that particular sites have housing potential do not mean that they will be allocated or will receive planning permission.  Those decisions will be taken through the formal planning process.

        The Council is open to receive any comments or additional relevant information on the content of the SHLAA. However, it must be borne in mind that it is essentially a technical assessment and not a policy document. We are not at this stage inviting details of further sites to include in the SHLAA.  (It remains open to anyone, however, to draw to our attention any site they feel should receive specific attention as part of the wider plan-making process).

        Planning process

        It is important to note that even if the SHLAA concludes that a particular site has potential to deliver housing, it will still be for the planning process to decide which sites are ultimately allocated for development and how the delivery of planned new homes should be managed.

        The Strategy for the Planned Location of Housing (PDF) sets out the Council’s proposed approach in identifying the most suitable sites.

        The draft Local Plan Preferred Options document shows sites proposed to be allocated for future housing.  A brief indicative note is provided outlining the reasons why other sites are not proposed for allocation.

        Maps showing sites requested for consideration by Landowners and developers


        List of sites requested for consideration by Landowners and developers

        Submission refSite Name & AddressTown
        R25-01Nethercourt Estate, (north of Canterbury Rd), RamsgateRamsgate
        R25_02South of Canterbury Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-03 ( & R25-101)Land south side of Cottington RdCliffsend
        R25-04Land at Kingsdown FarmBroadstairs
        R25-005Former Chalkpit, Canterbury RdSarre
        R25-006Land south of Canterbury RdSarre
        R25-007Land west of BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-008Land West Side of Northdown Hill.Broadstairs
        R25-009Land at Margate Station, MargateMargate
        R25-010Land at Minster Station, Station ApproachMinster
        R25-011Former railway track, Nash Road, MargateMargate
        R25-012 & part of R 25-21Nash Farm , Nash Court Road, MargateMargate
        R25-13Jentex site Canterbury Rd WestCliffsend
        R25-14Land North of Monkton StMonkton
        R25-15Focus Store and Land Rear, Pyson’s RoadRamsgate
        R25-16Safari House, Haine Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-17Jewson’s site Tivoli Brooks Ind EstateMargate
        R25-18(1)Land North of Manston Road, Ramsgate.Ramsgate
        R25-18(2)Land South of Manston Road, Ramsgate.Ramsgate
        R25-18(3) & 25-87Land adj the beacon, Manston RdRamsgate
        R25-019Land Adj Stella Maris Convent, North Foreland RdBroadstairs
        R25-20 (3,4,5,6,7,8,& 9)4 sites north east and 3 sites South west of MinsterMinster
        R25-20 (1 & 2)2 sites west of CliffsendCliffsend
        R25-22Land adj Ebbsfleet lane, SevenscoreSevenscore
        R25-23Rose farm House, Haine Road, Ramsgate.Ramsgate
        R25-24Beerling’s farm, Haine Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-25Red House Farm, Manston Court road, Westwood.Broadstairs
        R25-26 & 27Westwood lodge (2 parcels)Broadstairs
        R25-28Part of Former gas works site, Northdown RdSt Peters
        R25-29Montefiore Site,Ramsgate
        R25-30Part of Allotment gardens, Manston Rd, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-31Land adj Chilton SchoolRamsgate
        R25-32Land adj 6 Sevenscore CottagesSevenscore
        R25-33Young’s Nursery, Arundel RoadCliffsend
        R25-34Land Adjoining 92 Park Road, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-36Land off Northdown Rd, St. Peter’sBroadstairs
        R25-37Land North of Park RoadBirchington
        R25-38Lord of the manorRamsgate
        R25-39Warten Road Playing Field, Warten Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-40Land at East Northdown Farm, MargateMargate
        R25-41Bromstone School, Rumfield’s Road, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-42Furniture mart, Bath Place & Grotto Hill, MargateMargate
        R25-44Land south of A299Minster
        R25-43Land west of Cliffsend (2 sites)Cliffsend
        R25-4512-16 Fort RoadMargate
        R25-45a31 Victoria Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-46Adj Vicarage, Monkton StMonkton
        R25-47Land at Draper’s Mill Primary SchoolMargate
        R25-48Land Adj Hartsdown & Garlinge SchoolsMargate
        R25-49Hereson School Site, Ramsgate Road, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-50Westwood, Haine RdBroadstairs/Margate
        R25-51Land at Ramsgate RoadMargate
        R25-052Land off Brooke Avenue, GarlingeMargate
        R25-053Land east of Quex Road, WestgateWestgate
        R25-054Land at Briary Close, WestgateWestgate
        R25-55East of Tothill StMinster
        R25-56Land at manor RdSt. Nicholas
        R25-057Land West  of Updown House, Ramsgate RoadMargate
        R25-58Dent De Lion farm, Dent De Lion Court, Garlinge.Margate
        R25-59Land north of Manston GreenManston
        R25-60Land fronting Preston RdManston
        R25-61Land rear of Manston Green Farm BungalowManston
        R25-62Land rear of Jubilee CottagesManston
        R25-63Land fronting(north side) of Westwood RoadBroadstairs
        R25-64land east of Harbour Approach Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-65Land at Street farm, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-66Land at Court Mount, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-67Manston park (various parcels nr Columbus Ave)
        R25-68Land rear of White Stag PHMonkton
        R25-69Land south east of Brooke Avenue, GarlingeMargate
        R25-70Adj pumping station, Canterbury Rd WestRamsgate
        R25-71Land at St Nicholas At Wade RoundaboutSt Nicholas
        R25-72Land Haine Road, (Manston Green)Ramsgate
        R25-73(1)Land at The LengthSt Nicholas
        R25-73(2)Land at Shuart laneSt Nicholas
         R25-74 (& 021)Land at Nash Court Road, Westwood, MargateMargate
        R25-75Land at Tothill StMinster
        R25-76Land at Minster Rd 2 sitesAcol
        R25-077Land at Gore End Farm, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-78Wolseley UK, Westwood Road, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-79Land at former power station siteRichborough
        R25-80Land at Monkton (4 different sitesMonkton
        R25-81EuroKent Business Park Haine Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-82Rear of 59A High StMinster
        R25-83Davenport House, 479 Margate Road, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-84Land r/o Holy Trinity School, Dumpton Park Dr, Broadstairs ( 2 sites)Broadstairs
        R25-85Manston Business ParkManston
        R25-86Laleham School, Margate ( 2 sites)Margate
        R25-87 (& R 25-18(3))See R25-18(3)
        R25-88Land Victoria Rd, Dane Rd, Thanet Rd & Danesmead Terrace, MargateMargate
        R25-89Newington LibraryRamsgate
        R25-90Land south of Cliffsend railway crossingCliffs end
        R25-91Land at 169 Minnis Road, 42 Arthur Rd and Viking Close, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-92Land east of Grupo Antolin
        R25-93Haine Farm, Haine Road (adjacent to Eurokent Business Park)Ramsgate
        R25-94Land west of Haine Road (adjacent to Eurokent Business park)Ramsgate
        R25-95Land off Northwood Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-9740 Canterbury Road WestCliffsend
        R25-98The Royal Exchange, Miller’s laneMonkton
        R25-99Land off Nash Rd/Manston Rd, MargateMargate
        R25-100See R 25-3
        R25-101See R25-1 & 2
        R25-102116 Monkton StMonkton
        R25-103Land at Hopeville FarmBroadstairs
        R25-104Land at Northdown RoadBroadstairs
        R25-105Land at EbbsfleetEbbsfleet
        R25-106Land at Birchington Medical CentreBirchington
        R25-107Land at Coldswood Road/Haine Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-108Land at Hundreds FarmWestgate
        R25-109Land at Stone Cottage, Haine Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-110St Augustine’s AbbeyRamsgate
        R25-111Land at DreamlandMargate
        R25-112Land West of Red House farm, WestwoodMargate
        R25-113Land south of Manston Rd, (opposite Princess Margaret Ave.) Ramsgate.Ramsgate
        R25-114Wyevale Garden Centre, Hereson Rd, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-115Land at Dane Court School, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-116 & R25-132Land next to church Plumstone RoadAcol
        R25-117Old Village hallManston
        R25-118Brooke AvenueGarlinge
        R25-119 Land at Haine Rd & Spratling St, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-120Hydrophone SiteCliftonville
        R25-121Land North of Reading Street & East of Convent Rd, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-122Land north of A299Minster
        R25-123Land at 66 Monkton RdMinster
        R25-124Site Adj Dent De Lion, GarlingeGarlinge
        R25-125Land at Brooke Ave, GarlingeGarlinge
        R25-126Land at Briary Close, WestgateWestgate
        R25-12777-85 High St RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-128Chapel FarmManston
        R25-129South of Manston Green farmManston
        R25-130Culmers Land, Vere Rd, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-131Adj Chapman’s FieldsCliffsend
        R25-132North side of Plumst9ne RdAcol
        R25-133Land at Nash Rd & Haine Rd Westwood.Westwood
        R25-134Grenham Lodge, Manston RdManston
        R25-135116 Monkton StMonkton
        R25-136Walled garden, Sun laneSt Nicholas
        R25-137Land at Warre Avenue, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-138Hoverspeed Social ClubManston
        R25-139Land r/o 11 Canterbury Rd, WestgateWestgate
        R25-140Land at Surrey Gardens, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-141Land east and west of North Foreland AvenueBroadstairs
        R25-142Land west of Manston Green BungalowManston
        R25-143Land at Waterside Drive, WestgateWestgate
        R25-144Land at 71-75 Monkton StMonkton
        R25-145Land a Seafield Rd and fronting Southwood Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-146Land at Manor RdSt Nicholas
        R25-147Attwells Yard, Queensdown RdManston
        R25-148Land at 151 Monkton StreetMonkton
        R25-149Land r/o 3 Winterstoke Way RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-150Arlington HouseMargate
        R25-15114 Suffolk Avenue, WestgateWestgate
        R25-152Land south west of Briary Close, WestgateWestgate
        R25-153Site at 129 Manston RdManston
        R25_154Land between Mallisden & Hollydene, Haine Rd, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-155All Saints Industrial Sites, All Saints’ AvenueMargate
        R25-156Land at Chantry Park, SarreSarre
        R25-157Land East of Sarre Court, SarreSarre
        R25-158Land adj Jolly farmer PH, ManstonManston
        R25-159Land at Watchester Lane, MinsterMinster
        R25-160Land off Newlands Lane, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-161Land adjacent to Upper hale, Canterbury Road, St. Nicholas at WadeSt Nicholas
        R25-162Land adj Little Orchard, Canterbury Rd, St Nicholas at WadeSt Nicholas
        R25-163aRear of 4 Ramsgate Road & 8 Vicarage Crescent, MargateMargate
        R25-163b4 Ramsgate Road & 8 Vicarage Crescent, MargateMargate
        R25-164Rear of 11-13 Quex View Road, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-165Rear of 52 Invicta Road, MargateMargate
        R25-166Manston Riding centre, Alland Grange Lane, ManstonManston
        R25-167Land adjacent to The Leys, ManstonManston
        R25-168Adj 9 & 11 Helvellyn Avenue, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-169Broadstairs Delivery Office, 20 The Broadway, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-170Margate Delivery Office, 12-18 Addington St, MargateMargate
        R25-171Ramsgate Delivery Office, 42 Wilfred Road, RamsgateRamsgate
        R25-172Land and buildings at Stella Maris Convent, North Foreland Road, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-173Industrial Units, Marlborough Rd, Margate CT9 5SUMargate
        R25-174Gas Holder Station, Dane Road, MargateMargate
        R25-175Haine Lodge, Spratling Street, Ramsgate
        R25-176Former Newington Nursery & Infant School, Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate CT12 6JSRamsgate
        R25-177Gap House School, 1 Southcliff Parade, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-178Foreland School, Lanthorne Rd, BroadstairsBroadstairs
        R25-179The Rendezvous, MargateMargate
        R25-180Land north of Albert Rd & East of Victoria Avenue, Broadstairs (Parcel A)Broadstairs
        R25-181Land North East of Reading Street and north west of Convent Road, Broadstairs (Parcel B)Broadstairs
        R25-182land north of Reading Street Road and south of George Hill Rd, Broadstairs (parcel C)Broadstairs
        R25-183Land between 296 & 284 Canterbury Road, BirchingtonBirchington
        R25-184 (NOTE OVERLAPS WITH EARLIER SUBMISSIONS)Land adjacent to Manston park, AcolAcol
        R25-185 NOTE OVERLAPS WITH 25-80(4)Land south of Monkton Street, MonktonMonkton
        R25-186Land east of Shuart lane, St. NicholasSt Nicholas
        R25-187Land off Sun lane, St NicholasSt Nicholas
        R25-188Land between 46 Monkton Street and Walters Hall Oast, MonktonMonkton
        ST1Land south of Canterbury Rd, Westgate
        ST2Land at Linksfield Rd, Westgate
        ST3Land west of Park lane, Birchington
        ST4adj Foxborough House, Foxborough Lane, MinsterMinster
        ST5Airport land north of B2050Manston
        ST6Land at Walter’s hall farm,Monkton

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