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Buying a home You may have the option to buy your own home. There are plenty of estate agents and websites that can help you find a property in Thanet...

Buying a home

You may have the option to buy your own home.  There are plenty of estate agents and websites that can help you find a property in Thanet or nearby.

If you need a property that is adapted for disabled person use, local estate agents can help you or you could try the following website, which advertises property for purchase and rent, www.accessible-property.org.uk

You may need help to buy a property.  See if the government’s Help to Buy Scheme could help you.

Finding a home to rent

The private sector offers the most realistic option for people trying to find a home to rent in Thanet.  It makes up about a quarter of all accommodation here.

The private sector allows you to choose where you want to live, and in what type of accommodation.

Letting agencies

Letting agencies let rooms, flats and houses for private landlords. Most agencies advertise properties in their window, on the internet and in local newspapers.

It is advisable to visit a number of different agencies to increase your chances of finding accommodation. Agencies can sometimes be expensive, as they often charge fees, and will expect rent in advance and a month’s rent as deposit.  There is a list of local letting agent at the bottom of this page.  An * shows if they are an Accredited Landlord.

Some private landlords rent property directly, without using a letting agent.  They may also advertise in the local press.


Not all landlords use letting agencies, and many landlords advertise properties on the internet and in local newspapers. These are some of the best places to look for properties advertised by agencies and landlords.

There are many websites carrying adverts for properties to rent, most of which allow you to search by area and rent level. Examples include:

Local newspapers

These are usually published weekly on a Wednesday and Friday and can be more useful than national or regional newspapers because they have fewer readers and have property to let in a smaller, more localised area. Our local papers are Thanet Extra and the Isle of Thanet Gazette.

Notice-boards and shop windows

Cards placed in newsagents’ windows advertise flats or rooms with lower rates. You should go round the area you are interested in as regularly as you can to check if new ads have been put up.

Students’ union or college

If you are a student, your college or university may be able to help you find somewhere to stay. You should contact your students’ union, or college notice boards and websites are also very good places to find flat and house shares.

Word of mouth

Friends, family and workmates often tend to be a good source for finding out about accommodation. As such, it’s a good idea to let as many people as possible know that you are looking for somewhere to live.

Live-in or tied accommodation

Some jobs provide accommodation for workers, also called ‘live-in’ or ‘tied’ accommodation.

The cost of accommodation that comes with a job varies widely. Some employers will simply quote you a wage from which they have already deducted your rent.

For instance, you may earn a reduced wage but with accommodation provided free. Alternatively, you may pay the rent separately or it can be deducted from your wage.

Housing for older people

If you are interested in social housing, or housing that is warden assisted or extra care, please contact the council’s Housing Options Team about applying for the Housing Register.

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) is a national charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about meeting their housing and care needs.

Getting on the Internet

Thanet has eight libraries spread across the district some of which provide free internet access.

Connexions is an information, advice and guidance service for 13-19 year-olds, with free access to the internet. To find out where your nearest Connexions service is visit their website or call them on 020 7938 8080.

Online Centres Network aims to enable everyone in the UK who wants it, to have access to the internet and e-mail near to where they live.

Other useful resources

You can also find agent listings in local newspapers, the Yellow Pages and the Thompson Local directory.

List of local letting agents

There are a large number of local Letting Agents in the Thanet District advertising properties in the private sector that may be able to help you find a home.

The following agents are understood, usually, to accept tenants who are in receipt of Housing Benefits, although a deposit and rent in advance is normally required, it is sometimes negotiable.

  • Clarke & Crittenden 105 Station Road, Birchington – 01843 841123
  • Cooke & Co, 147 Northdown Road, Margate – 01843 231833
  • Mann Countrywide Lettings 15 Market Place, Margate – 01843 282600
  • Homes 4 U 55 King Street, Ramsgate- 01843 582117
  • KS Property Services 194 Canterbury Road, Birchington – 01843 843845
  • Lets 11 173 King Street, Ramsgate – 01843 599996
  • Miles & Barr Letting Agents Incorporating Belmonte, 51 Queen Street, Ramsgate – 01843 572000
  • Prospects UK, 146 Northdown Road, Margate – 01843 229393
  • Regency Properties * 133, Northdown Road, Cliftonville – 01843 297117 / 299886
  • Springer Homes 12 York Street, Broadstairs – 01843 447616
  • Thompson Lettings Office F9, Marlowe Innovation Centre, Marlowe Way, Ramsgate Tel 07926 570744 Email: thompson-lettings@hotmail.co.uk
  • Your Move, 228 Northdown Road, Margate – 01843 291777

* Denotes that this is an Accredited Landlord

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