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        Housing information for landlords

        Landlord accreditation scheme

        This scheme is an education programme to teach landlords how to manage and let properties. The scheme is voluntary and is open to all landlords or prospective landlords.

        Landlords who comply with the standards of the scheme are accredited and are recognised as such across Kent and London.

        To find out more or to check the next available course dates visit the London Landlords website.

        Landlord associations

        Landlord associations provide support and advice to private landlords.

        For further information see:

        Energy efficiency

        There are new regulations in place that aim to improve the energy efficiency of privately rented properties. The key points are;

        • From April 2016 private residential landlords cannot unreasonably refuse their tenant’s request for energy efficiency improvements where they can be done at no cost to the landlord.
        • From April 2018 private landlords letting domestic properties, and non-domestic landlords need to ensure their properties reach an EPC (energy performance certificate) rating of E or above, or have installed improvements that can be funded by the subsidised schemes available to them, before granting a tenancy to new or existing tenants.
        • From April 2020 these requirements above apply to all private rented domestic properties.
        • From April 2023 these requirements above apply to all non-domestic properties.

        The legislation states that there should be no upfront costs for the landlords. In Kent, the Warm Home Scheme provides heavily subsidised loft and cavity wall insulation for domestic properties that is funded by Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funds. You may also find some energy companies will fully or partly fund energy efficiency works.

        You can read the full regulations on the legislation website.

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