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        How do you assess my housing situation?

        Making a homeless application

        If you believe you are homeless, or likely to become homeless within 28 days, the council has a duty to consider your ‘homeless application’.

        An application can be made by either yourself or a third party acting on your behalf.  We will ask you to contact the Housing Options Team to arrange an interview or if you any going to be homeless within 72 hours to present in person at the Thanet Gateway Plus, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent.

        There are several things that we have to consider before we can decide how best to help you. These include:

        • Whether your homelessness can be prevented.
        • If you are eligible
        • Your personal circumstances, including family size, age and health
        • Why you are homeless
        • Your connection with this area
        • If you are able to obtain private housing.

        If we believe that you may be eligible, homeless and in priority need, we have a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation until we have made a decision.

        Homeless decision

        Once we have all the information we need to make a decision, we will tell you in writing.  Not everybody will be accepted as being owed a homelessness duty by Thanet Council. However, if we think that we won’t be able to help you as you would like, we can discuss alternative housing options with you.

        We will try to write to you with a decision as quickly as possible.

        There are many different reasons we are unable to accept many people for emergency housing.  For example we may find that you:

        • Are not eligible
        • Are not homeless
        • Are not in priority need for rehousing
        • Are homeless intentionally

        If we make a decision like this you can appeal. You have the right to appeal against any of these decisions with 21 days of being notified of this decision.

        Intentionally homeless?

        We do not have a duty to provide permanent housing if you cease to occupy or are forced to leave accommodation as a consequence of a deliberate act or omission by yourself where the accommodation would otherwise have been available to you.

        For example, if you have become homeless because you did not pay your rent or mortgage and you could afford to do so.  This means that you have done something deliberately that causes you to be homeless and therefore you could be considered intentionally homeless.

        If you are found to be intentionally homeless, we will not accept a duty to house you permanently even if you have children.

        We can only offer help for a short while and offer advice on how you can find your own accommodation.

        Reviewing a homeless decision

        If you wish to appeal against any decision we make regarding your homeless application, you have the legal right to request a review of your case.  If you want to do this, you must contact us within 21 days of the date of the decision letter. We review cases in two stages:

        Stage One – An independent review company who has not been involved in making the original decision will review your case.  You should state why you are appealing against the decision.

        Stage Two – If you are unhappy with our review once the review procedure is completed, you can apply to the County Court on a point of law.  However, to do so you must write to the court within 21 days of you receiving a written decision from us.  You can also apply directly to the court if we take more than 56 days to review your case.

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