Manston airport information

        Current information on Manston Airport can be found below

        Updated 9 July 2021

        In response to the Secretary of State’s invitation (11 June 2021) for further representations in relation to the Development Consent Order, the Leader of the Council has sent this response.

        Updated 9 July 2020

        The Secretary of State has confirmed that development consent for the Manston Airport application has been granted.

        Further information can be viewed on the National Infrastructure Planning website. 


        The Council is engaging with the Airspace Change Process for a permanent change to the operation of the airspace in relation to the proposals for commercial operations at Manston Airport. This process is run by the Civil Aviation Authority.

        Further information on the Airspace Change can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority’s website

        The Council’s consultation responses, as part of this process, are provided below:


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