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Annual Monitoring Report 2021

The Council has to produce a Monitoring Report showing the extent to which policies in the adopted Thanet Local Plan 2020 are being achieved, and the implementation of the Local Development Scheme.

The latest Annual Monitoring Report 2021 can be found here , along with a  summary of some of the key indicators. The AMR covers the period 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021 and monitors the extent to which policies in the following Local Development Documents are being achieved:

Previous Annual Monitoring Reports:


The amount and availability of Housing and Commercial Land is monitored on an annual basis in conjunction with Kent County Council.  Reports for the most recent surveys are available on Kent County Council’s website: Housing Land and Commercial Land Information External link icon

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT)  was introduced by the Government in 2018, as a monitoring tool in order to speed up the delivery of housing.  The first set of results dated November 2018 were finally published in February 2019.
In response to the Housing Delivery Test results, the Council has updated the original  Action Plan 2019 which sets out the actions that the Council is currently undertaking to facilitate an increase in delivery of housing together with future initiatives.
Further guidance can be found in the


Housing Delivery Test 2019

Following the adoption of the Local Plan on 9 July 2020, the Council requested the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) to recalculate the Housing Delivery Test (HDT) 2019 position for Thanet, in line with National Planning Policy Guidance.

MHCLG have issued an updated position , which shows that, in considering new housing development proposals, the Council is no longer subject to a “presumption in favour of sustainable development” for new housing development.

It does require a “20% buffer” to be provided in the housing land supply as housing delivery has fallen below 85% –  this is already addressed in the adopted Local Plan.

This means that while housing proposals allocated in the adopted Local Plan will continue to be required, proposals for housing development on unallocated sites will no longer be subject to a presumption that they should be supported.

The Council is committed to housing delivery as set out in the Action Plan 2019, and will continue to monitor and review that to ensure that it can provide a suitable supply of land to meet housing needs.

The Council’s Recovery Plan sets out the Council’s commitment to “working with developers and builders to recover/accelerate housing delivery”.


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