Mutual Exchange

        Covid 19 pandemic – mutual exchanges recommence from 29 March 2021


        Exchanging your property

        If you’re an existing social housing tenant you may be able to mutually exchange with another existing social tenant. You are a social housing tenant if your landlord is a council or a housing association.

        Visit Homeswapper for more information. You can register here as well.

        When you register you can say what sort of property you are looking for and you can advertise your home for other tenants to see. This website enables you to log in any time and search for possible matches.

        If you do find someone you would like to swap with then please complete the forms on the homeswapper website and your landlord will receive these. There will be a number of checks made which will include:

        • A property inspection
        • A full tenancy reference

        We aim to process exchanges within 42 days.

        Please remember you cannot do a mutual exchange without your landlord’s permission.

        Many answers to FAQs can be found here

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