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        Public speaking at Council meetings

        Members of the press and residents of Thanet can ask questions at ordinary meetings of Council; the exceptions being the annual budget-setting meeting (usually at the beginning of February) and extraordinary meetings.

        A question must be submitted by the person who will ask the question at the Council meeting and not someone else on the questioner’s behalf.

        How soon before the meeting should I submit my question?

        The Committee Services & Manager must receive your question at least five full working days before the date of the meeting. Saturdays and Sundays and bank holidays do not count as ‘working days’.

        Upcoming meetings and dates by which your questions should be submitted

        Date of ordinary meeting of councilTime by which your question should be received
        Thursday, 10 October 20195.30 pm, Wednesday, 2 October 2019
        Thursday, 5 December 20195.30 pm, Wednesday, 27 November 2019
        Thursday, 16 January 2020Extraordinary Meeting – no opportunity to submit questions
        Thursday, 6 February 2020Budget Meeting – no opportunity to submit questions
        Thursday, 27 February 20205.30 pm, Wednesday, 19 February 2020
        Thursday, 26 March 20205.30 pm, Wednesday, 18 March 2020

        Questions previously asked at council meetings

        Date of past ordinary meeting of councilQuestions asked at council meeting
        Thursday, 16 May 2019
        • Annual Meeting – no opportunity to submit questions
        Thursday, 11 July 2019
        Thursday, 5 September 2019
        Thursday, 10 October 2019
        Thursday, 5 December 2019
        Thursday, 27 February 2020

        Your question must not be more than fifty words.
        What information should I include?

        • You must give your name, address. Your address will only be used to identify that you are a Thanet resident entitled to ask a question at a council meeting.
        • You must give the name of the Cabinet Member your question is for. To find out whom you should ask, please click on cabinet posts.
        • Please check the summary of questions asked at past meetings in the table above to make sure your question or a similar question has not been asked within the last 6 months.
        • Please view  Speaking at Council meetings – Frequently Asked Questions for more information

        How do I submit my question?

        Please either email your question to:

        or post it to: the Committee Services Manager, Council Offices, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent CT10 1XZ.

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