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        Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Knowledge Test

        In order to offer a safe and efficient service to members of the public it is important that private hire and hackney carriage drivers have a good working knowledge of the area in which they work and the laws and policies they operate under. Because of this all new applicants for a private hire (PHV) and hackney carriage (Taxi) driver licence are required to pass a driver knowledge test before their licence can be granted.

        You will be notified within 7 working days of the test if you have passed or failed. If you fail you can sit the test again. A minimum period of at least two weeks must elapse between tests to give you time to study the relevant information again.

        The Council’s decision as to whether you have passed is final.

        There is no limit on the amount of times you can sit the test. If you take the test for example at the beginning of January and fail you will not be able to attend again until the beginning of March.

        Booking and Arriving for Your Test

        To book your test you must submit a complete driver application, Disclosure and Barring Service form (available by emailing and a Privacy Statement form. The full application fee must also be paid at the time of submission. Once we are satisfied that the application is complete we will contact you by telephone to offer you a place on the next available test.

        You must bring photographic identification with you – for example a valid drivers licence or passport. You will also be required to attend wearing a face covering which must be worn while taking the test and to bring your own pen.

        Important Information

        If you have a disability which you think could exclude you from taking the test please contact a Licensing Officer to discuss your needs before the day of the test.
        You must bring some form of photographic I.D. with you to the test such as a driving licence or passport. If we are unable to confirm your identity you will not be allowed to sit the test.

        The test will be conducted in silence. You may only speak to the invigilator and not to any other applicants who may be taking the test at the same time.

        During the test you will not be permitted to use any of the following:

        • mobile phones
        • study notes
        • text book
        • hand held computers
        • satellite navigation devices
        • any other devices or notes as deemed unacceptable by the invigilator.

        Evidence of the use of any of the above will result in your test being cancelled and you could be barred from taking the test for 12 months. Ordinarily you will not be permitted to leave the room during the test so please ensure that you have taken any comfort breaks before the test begins.

        Knowledge Test Study Guide

        We advise that you obtain a good working knowledge of the local area before the day of the test.

        In order to help you study for your test you should consider the following:

        • Spending time in the local area and studying maps;
        • Using the internet and/or the telephone directory to research the names of the roads on which local landmarks or bars, restaurants, schools etc are situated.
        • Learn the street name locations of popular tourist destinations and landmarks in Thanet.


        As taxi drivers you have a responsibility for the safety of your passengers and safeguarding is a key concern of Thanet District Council. We believe that all licensed Taxi and PHV drivers should have basic safeguarding knowledge and training.

        We recommend you take the following Taxi Safeguarding E-Learning course and view this presentation on Human Trafficking

        Disability Awareness

        Under the Equality Act 2010 drivers are required to provide assistance and make all reasonable adjustments to transport disabled passengers in their vehicle. Thanet District Council are committed to ensuring that members of the public with a disability are given fair and equal access to public services including taxi and private hire transport.

        View the following video –  Disability Equality – Taxi Drivers and the Law

        The Highway Code

        Although you will have had your knowledge of the Highway Code tested by the DVLA when obtaining your driving licence, it is important for us as the Licensing Authority to know that you are competent in your understanding of road signs and basic rules of the road. We recommend that you revisit the road signs section of the highway code to study for this section of the test paper. Visit the Highway Code Signs online test.

        Private Hire Vehicle and Taxi Driver Conditions

        You will need to have a good knowledge of the Driver Conditions for the type of licence you are applying for, before taking the knowledge test. The conditions can be found here:

        Knowledge Test and Visitor Ambassador Course Dates

        Knowledge Test dates and times for 2021

        Tuesday 19 January

        Tuesday 02 February

        Tuesday 16 February

        Tuesday 02 March

        Tuesday 16 March

        Tuesday 30 March

        Visitor Ambassador Courses 2021 – have been cancelled until further notice

        Visitor Ambassador Courses –  numbers will be restricted due to Covd-19 distancing guidelines

        Please phone 01843 577577 to book your place


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