Thanet Community Lotto

        Thanet Community Lotto not only gives people the chance to win an impressive weekly jackpot of £25,000, but for every £1 ticket sold online, 60p will go directly to projects and good causes in the community.


        Unlike the National Lottery, which currently gives 28p from each ticket sold, Thanet’s version will also give players the opportunity to decide which cause to support.

        The Lotto is free for good causes and easy to join.

        To be eligible to register as a Good Cause you must meet the criteria below.

        • Be set up locally and operating for the benefit of residents in Thanet on a not for profit basis
        • Be a registered charity or a Community Interest Company or have a constitution/set of rules that have community or social objectives
        • Have a bank account in the name of the organisation with two signatories
        • Maintain transparency and accountability of financial assistance at all times
        • Have no undue restrictions on membership of the organisation
        • Are not groups promoting religious, faith or political ideology

        The council has appointed an independent Lottery Manager, Gatherwell, to run the lottery on its behalf, in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005.

        In the changing face of local government a number of councils have started their own online lotteries and Thanet District Council is hoping that introducing a similar scheme in Thanet will help to bring significant support to local causes.

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