Westgate Neighbourhood Plan Examination

The independent Examination of the Westgate-on-Sea Neighbourhood Plan is currently underway. The Council, in agreement with Westgate Town Council, has appointed Derek Stebbing to carry out the Examination

On 3 January 2023, the Examiner sent a letter setting out  Procedural Matters and Questions  to Westgate-on-Sea Town Council and Thanet District Council.

Thanet District Council has responded to the Examiner’s Procedural Matters and Questions.  A new Westgate Neighbourhood Plan Area has been provided, and the Council has Responded to Q3  in relation to the SEA/HRA assessments. (Link blue text to PDF attachments)

Westgate on Sea Town Council have responded to the Examiners Procedural Matters and Questions – Westgate on Sea Town Council Response to Examiner 


The Examiner has now sent his final report and concluded his Examination of the Westgate on Sea Neighbourhood Plan.  The Council, in agreement with Westgate-on-Sea Town Council, will report to Cabinet on 15 June setting out the main findings of the Report and the next steps’

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