Community Governance Review
1. Generally speaking, within your local area how satisfied are you with:
Please select one option in each row
  Very satisfied   Fairly satisfied   Neither satisfied or dissatisfied   Fairly dissatisfied   Very dissatisfied   Not sure  
  Local Democracy?            
  How local services are currently delivered?            
  The existing arrangement for community engagement?            
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3. Which form of local governance (as explained here) do you think would be best for Margate?                                                                                                                                                                      
For more information on these options visit our website
4. Details of services that can be provided by each different governance option can be found on our website at
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6. Are you a resident of:
7. Are you a member of an existing community group or organisation in Margate?
About You - optional section
The council has a duty as part of the Equality Act 2010, to ensure that the needs of all individuals are considered in shaping policy and delivering services. The following questions will help to ensure we are considering the views of all groups. This information will not be passed on to any other parties.
8. Your age group
9. Your gender
10. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
11. What is your religion or belief?
12. What is your ethnic group?
White British (English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish)
White Irish
White Gypsy or Traveller
White European - EEC
White other
White and black Caribbean
White and black African
White and Asian
Mixed other
Asian other
Black African
Black Caribbean
Black British
Black other
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