Local Lettings Plan for King Street, Ramsgate

Local Lettings Plan for King Street, Ramsgate


This plan is for the letting of new TDC owned properties in King Street area of Ramsgate. It is designed to support sustainable letting of new developments in this area. As well as helping to ensure a balanced community when homes are first let, the plan aims to help prevent potential management problems occurring on the area.


The aims of this local lettings plan are:

  • To establish a balanced community, by letting to a mix of applicant types and household sizes
  • To meet the housing needs of households in accordance with Thanet District Council’s Allocation Policy
  • To agree targets on the overall levels of economically active households to prevent a concentration of residents wholly dependent on welfare benefits
  • To support integration into the surrounding established community

The Developments Covered by this Plan

69 – 73 King Street 

131-141 King Street

139-143 King Street

Sussex Street, Ramsgate

Choice Based Letting Scheme - Kent Home Choice

All affordable homes that become vacant within this development will be advertised by TDC via the Kent Home Choice CBL scheme, at least 8 weeks prior to handover of the scheme. The advertisements will clearly state that a Lettings Plan applies which gives preference to particular groups of applicants as detailed within this document.

Applicants wishing to be considered for homes including existing tenants seeking a transfer must be included on the Council’s housing register.  When vacant properties are advertised, applicants should bid in the usual way.  At the close of bidding, a shortlist of applicants that have placed bids will be produced.  The highest priority applicant will usually be offered the property. In the event of two or more applicants sharing the priority band, their registration date order will be used to determine priority.  50% of the units will be offered to applicants on the housing register as detailed above, and 50% will be allocated by the criteria stated on this Local Lettings Plan.

However, no allocations will be allowed to an applicant if they are more than 1 band lower than the highest priority applicant, for a particular property.

Allocation Process

Thanet District Council will allocate the rented properties and select which applicants will be offered in line with Thanet District Council’s Allocation Policy and Tenancy Strategy.

Existing tenants of TDC or another affordable housing provider whose tenancy commenced before 1st January  2014 will transfer to a probationary tenancy for a year followed by a five year flexible tenancy.

Details of Lettings Plan

The purpose of the lettings plan for the rented homes is to balance the following factors:

  • Housing need as defined by the council’s allocations policy.
  • Applications from households that are economically active.
  • Tenants looking to transfer from another TDC or housing association property.

In the first instance 50% of vacancies will be let in accordance with the priorities set out in the Council’s allocations policy.

The remaining 50% of vacancies will be allocated to the following groups of applicants, in order of their priority on the housing list, provided no applicant has bid for the same property who is more than one band above them on the housing list. The groups are:

1) Applicants who are economically active

This will include households where one or more members are either employed on a permanent basis or actively seeking employment whilst in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance. Information about current employment will be identified when applicants are invited to be interviewed for the properties, and will need to provide proof of:

i.         A permanent employment contract
ii.         A long-term temporary contract
iii.        Self-employment
iv.        Tenants who are working more than 16 hours per week
v.         Training for employment

Households that are unable to be economically active through reasons such as being full time carers, not being of working age, or having a disability stopping them from working will be treated as if economically active.

2) Applicants who are transferring from other TDC or Housing Association Properties.

Households who are existing tenants of another TDC or housing association property in the Thanet district, provided the property they are leaving will be available to let to another household from the council’s housing list.

Specific details for household composition

To ensure that properties are occupied by an appropriately sized household, the following criteria will be applied to all homes covered by this plan. The criteria are:

Property Size


Family Size


1 bedroom property

1 or 2 adults

2 bedroom,  4 person property

1 or 2 adults and 2 children (where 2 children can share)

3 bedroom , 5 person property.

1 or 2 adults and 2 children (where 2 children cannot share – such as opposite sex children where one is aged 10 or over or for disability reasons)

3 bedroom , 5 person property

1 or 2 adults and 3 children where 2 children can share and one child cannot share


Equality Statement

Thanet District Council’s Equality Policy seeks to promote and uphold the principles of equality, diversity, fairness and inclusion within our employment practices, service design and delivery, procurement and partnership working.

As a council we will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimisation and will strive to promote equality of opportunity, understanding and foster good relations within our organisation and our community.  The Equality Act came into force in October 2010.  The legislation identifies a number of ‘protected characteristics’:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Marriage and civil partnership


Applicants with any of these protected characteristics will not be disadvantaged in respect of decisions made about the allocation of available homes. Homes will be allocated strictly in accordance with this LLP and the Thanet District Councils Allocation policy criteria.

Review Process

This lettings plan has been drawn up by Thanet District Council.  The council is positive about the principles of the lettings plan, and are keen to see successful long-term lettings achieved at all new housing developments.

It is intended to review this local lettings plan annually. The review may consider:

  • Turnover of vacancies
  • Any failed tenancies and the reasons why
  • Households accessing/needing support services
  • Anti-social behaviour and the impact this may be having
  • General tenant satisfaction
  • Any changes to Thanet District Council’s policies