Campaigns highlight council projects that we want to draw to your attention. They may run for a specific amount of time or be a permanent area on this website.

Here are the campaigns that we are currently running:

Beside the seaside Tackling seaweed on our beaches
Dalby Square Townscape Heritage Initiative Find out about how we are helping to regenerate the Dalby Square area of Cliftonville
Dickens House Museum Celebrating Charles Dickens’ long connection with Broadstairs from 1837 to 1851.
Discover Thanet's Coast Find out about this exciting project, which provides events focusing on Thanet's coastal heritage. These are funded by the Coastal Community Fund.
Dreamland Find out about the latest developments at Dreamland, Margate
Filming in Thanet  Bringing film and television to Thanet locations
Invest Thanet A partnership brought together by Thanet District Council to identify and support public and private investment in the district. 
Kent Innovation Centre This professional friendly managed centre is here to help start-up your business or grow your company
Live Margate A long-term programme that involves buying existing properties and turning them into quality family Margate homes.
Manston Airport FAQ's FAQ's and related documents on the Manston Airport Viability Report.
Sport Matters & Sport 4 NRG Take a look at the massive range of sporting opportunities on offer in Thanet.
Thanet Community Safety Partnership Working to make Thanet a safer place to live, work and visit.