Sport 4 NRG - Sport Activities for 11-17 year olds

Sport 4 NRG

Aimed at 10-17 year olds, SPORT 4 NRG offers the young people of Thanet the chance to take part in sport for FREE right on their doorstep!

The council wants to inspire a generation using sport. These sports sessions help our young people stay active, healthy, occupied and out of trouble. 

We use sport as the tool to divert young people away from anti-social behaviour and boredom. The project provides daily after school sessions and special school holiday events.

The SPORT 4 NRG programme is the Council's commitment to delivering sporting opportunities for young people and attracts hundreds of young people every year. 

Registering your child with ‘Sport Matters’

You must complete a registration form before attending any of the activities. This includes activities where it says just ‘Turn up’.

 We’ve made this easy for you. Simply register your child online:

This allows your child to take part in all of the SPORT MATTERS and SPORT 4 NRG activities, during the year.

Young People will be given the opportunity to participate in the Sport 4 NRG Passport scheme which records attendances and rewards them for regular attendance and behaviour with great prizes to be won.

Check out our Weekly Programme

See Sport 4 NRG Doorstep activities and find out where we are. We also offer one-off special trips for regular attendees to fantastic locations and events.

What else is on offer?

The Sport 4 NRG programme also offers;

  • Sports volunteering opportunities for 16+ year olds
  • Training in sports coaching and leadership
  • Work Experience
  • Sport 4 NRG Referral scheme

Sport 4 NRG Referral scheme

Sport 4 NRG continues to work with a range of agenices to offer a referral scheme. Referrals are welcomed from all agenices that work with young people who require additional interventions which include sports activities.  For more information please contact the team, or complete and return the 'referral form' online.

How can we help your agency?

Are you a housing association, youth group, public sector organisation that wants to provide specific sports sessions or refer young people from your service into the regular scheme?

Sport 4 NRG has excellent experience in working in a range of settings and for different groups of young people. Our coaches are available for hire.

Contact if you would like to speak about what options are available to you.



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