Thanet Sports Network

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Thanet Sports Network (TSN) aims to provide a network of partners with an interest in sport and physical activity in the Thanet area. 

These partners work together towards the achievement of common goals using sport as a positive tool to address wider social issues such as

  • improved health
  • community spirit
  • regeneration of local areas
  • diversionary activities for young people
  • improved education and learning
  • diversity and inclusion


Partners deliver joint projects, apply for funding and try to get a consistent sports strategy across the district.

If you would like to be part of the Sports Network please contact,



Martyn Cassell – TDC Community Safety & Leisure Manager

‘The network has enabled the District Council to consult with local organisations in the industry to help form its policies.  The success has been in gaining the buy in of all key partners and retaining momentum with members realising the benefits of better communication and co-ordination.  The results seen above are outstanding and we look forward to working with the network in years to come’


Claire Buckingham – NHS Healthy Weight Scheme Manager

The Thanet Sports Network has enabled a range of key partners to come together, with a common agenda, to transform innovative ideas into action to implement programmes which can benefit the health of the local population.  The Network has provided valuable support to Kent Community Health NHS Trust Healthy Weight Team to promote health and well-being services which have engaged adults, families and young people living in the Thanet area.