Margate Community Governance Review

What governance arrangements exist now in Margate?

At the moment, Margate has Charter Trustees.

Community Governance Review

A Community Governance Review is being conducted in Margate. This review will consider options for how this area should be governed in the future, which could include no change; one or more Parish/Town Council(s) ; Community Forums; Community Development Trusts; Neighbourhood Management; Residents' and Tenants' Associations; or Community Associations.

A consultation is being carried out on the way that decisions are made on local issues in Margate. This process, called a Community Governance Review will look at the best ways of enabling you to influence decisions affecting you and represent the interests of this area. 

Thanet District Council is committed to devolving services and assets to local groups and Parish./Town councils that will be able to run those services effectively. As Margate does not currently have a Parish/Town council, this review offers the opportunity for you to look at all of the options available for the area. Although Parish/Town councils are widely viewed as the most local form of community governance there are several other options which should also be considered. 

Stage One

The first stage of the Community Governance Review involves consultation with residents and stakeholders on the preferred governance options. The consultation launches on 3 March 2014 and will be widely promoted throughout Thanet. Public meetings will be held and stakeholders and members of the public are invited to ask questions and submit their views on what the best option(s) are for Margate. For more information about the possible governance options see the What are the Options? page. Also see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the Review.

  • Closing date for completed consultations was 2 June 2014
  •  Stage One Public Meeting 

    A public meeting was held to discuss the various community governance options on Friday 9th May at 7pm in The Council Chamber, TDC Offices, Cecil Street, Margate.

Stage Two

Once the first stage is completed, the council’s Boundary and Electoral Arrangements Working Party will consider the feedback received and make recommendations for the next stage of the review. These will be published around 4 August 2014.

Stage Three

Will involve further public consultation on the preferred governance option(s) during August and September 2014. Results will then be considered by the Boundary and Electoral Arrangements Working Party and final recommendations will be put to Full Council on 4 December 2014.