Sunrise Rotary club shine on Margate Task Force

The Isle of Thanet Sunrise Rotary club has made a donation to the Margate Task Force as part of their annual charitable donations scheme.

The Margate Task Force (MTF), an award-winning initiative based at Thanet District Council and involving staff from 14 different government and charitable organisations, delivers a number of schemes to improve the life of those living in Margate and Ramsgate.

Sunrise Rotary first became aware of the vital work of the MTF after inviting its lead, Andy Biggington, to speak with them.

Rotary secretary, Caroline Winzer said: “We are delighted to provide the donation to such a worthwhile cause. Before Andy spoke with our members, we were completely in the dark to the crucial work the Task Force do to help those in our local neighbourhoods. It was a real eye-opener to learn about the significant activity that goes on behind the scenes to help those living in Margate and Ramsgate and ultimately to make Thanet a better place to live.”

MTF lead and Station Manager, Andy Bigginton said: “We are extremely grateful to the members of Sunrise Rotary for their donation. The work we do is often not visible to those who do not come into contact with us, so it is really positive to receive recognition for such a respected organisation.”

The Task Force is most well-known for its ‘Street Week’ operation, where every home on a street is visited by a representative and given advice on a range of safety and health issues. This means that the team is able to gain information and identify suffering, risk and vulnerabilities. Engaging with local communities directly allows them to better understand and respond more effectively to problems. Information sharing across agencies has prevented duplication of effort and helped to create safer neighbourhoods.

Thanet Sunrise Rotary Club meet weekly for breakfast and hold fundraising events throughout the year, supporting various charities, projects and local services.

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