Local primary school children asked to become Recycling Rangers

Captain Climate is one of three anti-litter mascots designed by local primary school children.  This autumn, he’s calling on kids to join him in helping raise recycling levels by becoming Recycling Rangers.

For children keen to help the whole family recycle more, Captain Climate has provided the essentials they need, including a downloadable cut out and colour mask and ranger badge, as well as a handy checklist of what can be recycled and which bin it goes in.

Captain Climate’s Head Ranger, Jasmin Vickers, is asking for help from the Recycling Rangers. She’s asking children to write a poem, explaining why recycling is so important. If they send them to her, she will pick her favourite ones and share them online.

They should be sent to:

Head Ranger, Jasmin Vickers
Thanet District Council
Cecil Street

They need to be in by 10 November 2017.

The council also publishes an educational booklet which highlights the importance of recycling across Thanet and is available to all local schools in the area. The ‘Recycle for Thanet and Save Our Planet’ booklet comprises fun activities as well as engaging pictures and tips to educate children on the importance of recycling at home, why recycling is important for the planet and how they can make a difference.

Schools who would like to request copies of the booklet, or book a dedicated environmental lesson should contact: Jasmin Vickers, Educational Officer at Thanet District Council via jasmin.vickers@thanet.gov.uk.

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