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Streetweek News

Over 40 agencies join Margate Task Force’s ‘Operation Streetweek’

Last month over 40 agencies took part in the Margate Task Force’s (MTF) ‘Operation Streetweek’ a high visibility multi agency operation, to identify local concerns and provide reassurance to those living in Margate and Cliftonville.
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The Olympic dream heads to Margate!

British Champions Jake Sheaf and Chris Gregory are just some of the amazing athletes heading to Margate for the Beach Volleyball finals on 16 and 17 August.
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Cabinet agrees recommendations around Manston

Cabinet Members have agreed recommendations set out in an expert independent report regarding Manston Airport at tonight’s Cabinet Meeting (Thursday 31 July).
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Online electoral registration available for the first time

Thanet residents will receive a letter from their Electoral Registration Officer over the next few weeks informing them of the change to the electoral registration system – a move from the old ‘head of household’ registration system to Individual Electoral Registration.
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Stricter approach to improve Thanet's recycling

Council take zero-tolerance approach to improve recycling contamination rates, which have reached such a high, entire lorry loads cannot be recycled.
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Southern Water discharge at Foreness Point – Council statement

Thanet District Council is advising members of the public not to enter the water on the beaches between Walpole Bay and Dumpton Gap
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