Recycle Now!

Thanet District Council is taking part in a national campaign with a number of other councils across Kent to increase recycling in the county.

The campaign, designed by Recycle Now, is asking residents to think about what they can recycle from the different rooms around their homes, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, starting with plastic items. Products from the bathroom, including plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gel containers, liquid soap bottles, and bleach and bathroom cleaner containers can all be recycled, but are often overlooked as we focus our attention on kitchen items. Later in the year the focus will move onto recycling paper and card items, followed by metal and glass in the spring.

Cabinet Member for Operational Services Cllr Suzanne Brimm says: ‘‘Recycling has such an important positive impact on our environment, which is why we are working in partnership with other councils across Kent to encourage residents to recycle more. You can make a real difference by recycling plastic from around your home.’’

Here are a few handy tips to follow when recycling plastic containers and bottles in your blue lidded bin or blue box:

  • Rinse and wash containers and bottles to remove any leftover residue
  • Remove the trigger spay and pump dispenser tops and place them in your black bin
  • Squash and flatten containers and bottles so they take up less space in your recycling bin
  • No need to remove the labels

The council is working towards its goal of increasing Thanet’s recycling to 50%, but can only do this with help from residents. Residents unsure about what goes in specific bins or who want to check a collection day should  visit or call the Recycle for Thanet phoneline on  01843 577115.

For more information please visit the council’s website at for more local advice on recycling or the Recycle Now campaign at


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