Thanet District Council pressed for legal proceedings on 19 cases of unpaid litter fines and won

On Tuesday 5 December, Thanet District Council brought prosecutions against 19 individuals who had received a fixed penalty notice for littering and hadn’t paid. All 19 of the cases brought in front of Canterbury Magistrates’ Court were successful.

The prosecutions are a reflection of the council’s commitment to creating a clean and welcoming environment in Thanet and its zero tolerance approach. In its bid to clampdown on members of the public dropping their litter and making the streets look unsightly, enforcement is a key priority.

All 19 offenders would have received a fixed penalty notice from the local authority in addition to two further warning letters sent after they had missed the payment deadline. Having ignored this communication, the council was left with no alternative but to take the cases to court.

Cllr Lin Fairbrass,Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Environmental Services commented: “These prosecutions are a clear signal that littering is not acceptable. Our stance is firm – we will not tolerate this anti-social and criminal behaviour that blights our district.

“Those taken to court generally end up paying considerably more than the initial £80 fixed penalty. On average, they face combined fines and costs amounting to £350. On top of that, they end up with a criminal record.

“Our message is simple – people who are caught dropping their litter in Thanet will be made to face the consequences."

List of people found guilty

Each person listed below did not attend court and was proven guilty in their absence and fined £220, plus £30 victim surcharge and £120 legal costs

  • Mark Brown
  • David Bryant
  • Peter Foley
  • Bradleah Gilroy
  • Carrie Hudson
  • John Lewis
  • Joanne Miller
  • Annemarie O’Brien
  • Ragena Potova
  • Jake Taplin
  • Jayne Webb
  • Danny White
  • Edward Wright

Each person listed below attended court and pleaded guilty, or did so by post and was fined £40, plus £30 victim surcharge and £120 costs.

  • Hollie Hatcher
  • Natalie Overton
  • Sylvia Eliasova
  • Susan Johnstone
  • Richard Marday
  • Luke McDonald


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