Community Safety Team takes action against street drinking

Thanet District Council’s Community Safety Team has been successful in obtaining a civil injunction to stop a prolific street drinker causing problems in Margate town centre.

The injunction was awarded on Tuesday 9 May, following an investigation over several months, with concerns raised by the public and councillors. Thanet County Court accepted the council’s evidence that the respondent in this case should attend residential rehabilitation at the council's request, engage with support services and be prohibited from setting foot in most of Margate. This includes storing of belongings, drinking, or carrying alcohol and causing a nuisance.

This is the fifth such injunction that the team has obtained against individuals guilty of persistent anti-social behaviour since the new injunctions commenced in 2015*. They are only used in exceptional circumstances when other means of solving the problem have failed or been refused.

The Community Safety Team also has a number of applications planned, specific to other individuals and related to their behaviour and support-need requirements.

Rob Kenyon, Director of Community Services, Thanet District Council said:

“We would like to reassure Margate residents and traders that action is being taken to combat street drinking and anti-social behaviour.

“At the same time as taking cases to court, we also attempt to address contributing factors to anti-social behaviour. For example, we will continue to point people to the right places to receive help and offer advice. Our Housing Team works closely with support agencies to assist those in need. However, these efforts always need to be balanced against any detrimental impact on the wider community.”

*This was a result of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.


If you have any issues or concerns over anti-social behaviour, you can contact Thanet District Council’s Community Safety Team directly on 01843 577903 or email

All information will be treated in confidence and can be reported anonymously.

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