A successful year for Coastal Wardens and Guardians of the Deep

The First Annual Forum for Coastal Guardians in Kent met recently to celebrate the ‘Guardians of the Deep’ project joining and learning from the invaluable experience of Thanet’s volunteer Coastal Wardens that hosted the event and held their 13th Annual Forum.  

In 2017, volunteer Coastal Wardens and new Guardians within the North East Kent Marine Protected Area (NEKMPA) donated a staggering 1,900 hours equating to over £12,700 worth of work in supporting marine conservation with the Thanet Coast Project. Specifically, volunteers were involved in:

  • 24 Coastal Warden training/events/activities
  • 25 public events (1,055 participants)
  • 1 summer exhibition (5,222 viewers)
  • 949 activity surveys
  • 83 incidents reported online
  • 25 wildlife /stranding reports
  • 43 new volunteers (Wardens/Guardians) trained

Cllr Fairbrass, Thanet District Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services said:

“The Council is responsible for looking after the wildlife and habitats of our natural coastline and we couldn’t do it without the fantastic support of Coastal Wardens and Guardian volunteers. Thanet is blessed with an array of international and national nature conservation designations and the team of volunteers are invaluable eyes, ears and hands helping to protect and monitor our coastal wildlife.

“The BBC’s Blue Planet has done a great job at raising awareness of marine life and the issues faced around the world’s oceans. If you are interested in looking after our coast and marine life, please go online to find out more about volunteering and the training you will receive.”

The Guardians of the Deep project aims to involve local communities, businesses and visitors by raising awareness of marine habitats and promoting an active and ongoing guardianship role to protect Kent’s coastal and marine wildlife for the future.  One of the three new project officers is based within the Thanet Coast Project at Thanet Council, and is also helping to develop new projects within the North East Kent Marine Protected Area - such as WildBeach and Undersea Explorers with local school groups.

The Guardians of the Deep is a partnership between Thanet Council (Thanet Coast Project), Medway Swale Estuary Partnership, Natural England, Kent County Council and led by Kent Wildlife Trust. It has support from the Heritage Lottery Fund to run a three year project (2017-19).


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