What is the North Thanet Sea Wall Reconstruction scheme ?

This scheme has been developed by Thanet District Council and is 100% funded by the Environment Agency. 

The scheme focuses on the refurbishment of three separate lengths of existing concrete sea wall on the north Thanet coastline between Grenham Bay and St Mildred’s Bay.  The total length of sea wall (which was all constructed in the 1950’s) to be refurbished is 659 metres, spread across all three sites. 

Figure 1 - Location Plan

 North Thanet Sea Wall Location Map


Area 1 - Grenham Bay to Beresford Gap

Area 2 - Epple Bay East to West Bay

Area 3 - West Bay to St Mildred's Bay


The key components of the scheme are:

  • Replacement of seawall coping blocks
  • Realignment or replacement of seawall facing blocks.
  • Replacement of promenade slabs
  • Repair of reinforced concrete sea wall foundations (where required)
  • Replacement of aluminium hand railing           

The seawall consists of a concrete foundation called a ‘toe’ founded directly onto the chalk foreshore with large ‘mass’ (unreinforced) concrete precast facing blocks and copings. The top surface of the sea wall consists of a concrete promenade slab and a low concrete rear wall against the cliff face. 

The upper course of seawall blocks and the seawall coping have moved seaward by some 180mm.  This is due to long term thermal expansion and there is a risk of them falling to the foreshore below if refurbishment work is not undertaken.