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Strong partnerships between business, the university and local further education colleges offer employers access to employee development, student placements and specialist research and development capabilities.

Canterbury Christ Church University’s Broadstairs Campus and East Kent College provide thousands of students with access to high quality courses including A-Levels, Higher National Qualifications and vocational skills.


Canterbury Christ Church University

The University works with local businesses to offer a number of training programmes, fostering workforce development through lifelong learning.  Please see the their website for details of projects and services.

Canterbury Christ Church University's Graduate Placement Scheme provides an opportunity for Thanet companies to utilise the wealth and experience of Kent and UK graduates on specific projects without the ongoing costs of recruitment.


East Kent College

East Kent College offer a number of training programmes for businesses. For more information please visit East Kent College website. 


The Youth Contract

The Government has announced a range of new initiatives to be delivered through Job Centre Plus offices. These schemes are designed to incentivise employers to take on more young people thereby supporting the national drive to create new jobs.

Join the growing number of employers adding young people to their workforce. Each Youth Contract is designed for your business, providing financial benefits like help with their wages, and a package of support like Work Experience and Training. Employers can benefit from Wage Incentives worth up to £2275 for taking on an unemployed 18-24 year old

Offer a Work Experience placement and you could give a young person the chance to gain valuable voluntary work experience and improve their CV and skills. Work Experience makes good business sense too, giving you access to a pool of young talent, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective for your business. It can also provide a new potential route into an apprenticeship.

Sector –based work academies are designed to meet your immediate and future recruitment needs, as well as to help you recruit a workforce with the skills to sustain and grow your business. SBWA Employer Guide

Apprenticeship grants for Employers - Apprenticeships are paid jobs with training designed for employers. The National Apprenticeship Service are offering grants to employers worth £1500 for small and medium employers take on their first apprentice aged 16-24


Kent Employment Programme

Kent County Council (KCC) wants to double the number of apprentices in Kent, building on our excellent work over the last few years. Employing an apprentice could cost as little as £60 per week with our grants or £100 without. We take care of all the paperwork, leaving the process quick and simple.

For more information please visit Funding for assisted apprenticeships.


Kent Apprenticeships - Employer Handbook

Kent Apprenticeships have launched a handbook guide to apprenticeships, which provides useful and practical information, with signposting on how to become more involved with an apprenticeship scheme. See our useful documents section for more information or visit Kent Apprenticeships