Current cremation and interment of cremated remains fees

Fees from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

Cremation fees:        
Person aged 18 years and above £738.00      
Fee for rota organist (payable direct to organist) £40.00      
Use of chapel for private memorial service (max. 25 mins.) £110.00      
Cremated remains after cremation        
Auger Plot : Interment of ashes £93.50      
Garden of Rest         
  : Exclusive Right of Burial £345.00 )    
  : Interment of ashes £150.00 )    
  : Number stone £16.50 ) Total £511.50
 Assignment of Exclusive Right        
With Probate



Additional Transfer (form of assent)


with statutory declaration


Assignment (between living owners)


Copy of deed


Disposal of cremated remains from other crematoria

(Scatter or Auger) 


 Disposal of cremated remains from other crematoria

(Garden of Rest)

Other fees are available on request