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Asset Disposal Strategy

Thanet District Council has a  Strategic Asset Management Plan 2017-2021 which sets out what the council intends to do in the future to ensure property assets support corporate priorities, increase the Council’s financial resources and deliver value for money. TDC currently owns around 750 assets in the form of land and buildings requiring significant management and budgetary commitment which has to be balanced against the benefit they provide to the community.

All local authorities are facing the challenge of continuing to deliver effective services with ever decreasing resources. In this context, the council is adopting a strong commercial approach to reviewing its assets and a) disposing of property surplus to requirements and b) consolidating the use of assets.  This approach is built into the council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy 2016-2020.

The council has an ongoing  review of the benefits of continued ownership of assets across the district to help ensure that any asset sales benefit both the authority and Thanet taxpayers. This review demonstrated that some types of property or land would be suitable for sale into private ownership, while others would be suitable for the council to let as a corporate landlord.

The recommendation made by officers to sell these surplus properties was agreed by Cabinet in 2016 - some are to be sold to gain capital receipt to fund the capital programme, others are identified as community asset transfers.

In disposing of surplus assets, the has been successful with sales totalling over £1.9 million.  Over the next 18 months, there will be further sales of council-owned assets and in all cases the final decision to sell any type of property will be subject to Cabinet approval.

Monies raised through previous sales:

  • 10 Market Street, Margate - Sold for £180,000 at auction in February 2017
  • Land at Duke Street, Margate - Sold for £270,000 at auction in February 2017
  • Newgate Gap store, Margate - Sold for £99,000 at auction in February 2017
  • Dane Valley Enterprise Units, St Peter's - Sold for £415,000 at auction in March 2017
  • Land at Manston Road – Sold for £960,200 in October 2017
  • Tivoli Land – Sold for £150,450 in October 2017
  • Viking Bay Development site – Sold for £342,500 in October 2017

Property and Land for Sale: 

  • Forresters Hall, Ramsgate
  • Westgate Pavilion, Westgate-on-Sea
  • Western Undercliffe, Ramsgate

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