Protocol for managing unauthorised encampments in Thanet

  • Protocol for managing unauthorised encampments in Thanet

An unauthorised encampment refers to any encampment or structure being used to occupy land without permission. This includes but is not exclusive to vehicles, tents, rough sleeping, yurts and any other structure. 

Following any report of an unauthorised encampment, the council will take steps to establish ownership and notify the owner of the encampment who is then responsible to take steps to re-possess if no permissions have been given. 

The council also work alongside other support agencies to assess any welfare needs of individuals that may be camped, and will undertake any necessary support referrals.

The council is only legally able to remove encampments on land which they own or lease and all enforcement takes an incremental approach and takes into consideration all factors including the impact it is having on the wider community and if there is associated anti social behaviour being caused.

The Community Safety Team respond to reports of an unauthorised encampment and liaise with other departments such as housing, open spaces and agencies such as Kent Police and Porchlight.

If you see an unauthorised encampment that you believe to be on council land please report it via our Anti Social Behaviour form