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What is an emergency?

From time to time emergencies occur which require special measures to be taken by the Council. Local Authorities have clear legal obligations and duty of care to provide an effective and robust response to a broad range of emergencies.

The Council works in partnership with other organisations as part of the Kent Resilience Forum working together to improve the resilience of Kent and to ensure a co-ordinated response to emergencies.

An emergency can be described as 'an event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare, the environment, or security of a place in the UK.'

This could include loss of life, illness or injury, homelessness, damage to property, disruption to property, supplies of money, food water, energy, fuel, communication systems or health services, or the contamination of land, water or air.

In the past few years Council officers have been called on to deal with a variety of incidents including floods, fires, evacuations, severe weather and off shore incidents.

No matter how well the statutory agencies plan their responses to potential disasters you should also prepare for a emergency. If an emergency does happen you can minimise the impact it has on you, your family and your home.

Be prepared in an emergency

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