What Pest Control Services does Thanet offer?

We do not have a duty to provide pest control services, however under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 both Councils and individuals have duties relating to pests on land. If you are suffering from pests which come from neighbouring land or property contact us to investigate the matter for you. 

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, details on the majority of the common pests are available on this site and will help you in identifying unwelcome visitors and what can or can’t be done to control them. 

Remember some animals such as bats and badgers are protected so always seek professional advice if in doubt. 

We offer Thanet residents a pest control service for treating pests of public health significance on their own residential premises at the following specially negotiated rates. This service is provided on our behalf by OCS Pest Control - 0161 868 9608 payment will be required in advance of treatment by debit/credit card over the phone.

  • Rats - £49.00 per treatment - A treatment is usually 3 visits.

  • Mice - £49.00 per treatment - A treatment is usually 3 visits.

  • Fleas and insects - £40.00 per visit - Minimum charge (up to 6 rooms) Usually 2 visits required.

  • Bed Bugs - £45.00 per visitMinimum charge (up to 6 rooms) Usually 2 or 3 visits required.

  • Wasps and hornets - £47.00 per nest - Only available where the nest can be treated without specialist access equipment (up to 8m). Additional nests at £15.00.

Out of hours Rate £45.00 per visit in addition to the rates above.

Industrial/Commercial £33 per hour + materials

If a pest is not listed above, e.g. squirrels, herring gulls, feral pigeons, rabbits, moles etc,.  please contact OCS Pest Control on 0161 868 9608 or email pestcontrol.helpdesk@ocs.co.uk