Event Journey

  • Event Journey

Thanet District Council is committed to enabling events that contribute to our vibrant culture, coastal environment and economy by working with event organisers, partners and agencies to provide a variety of safe and enjoyable events.

The Council aims to make the experience of putting on an event in Thanet a pleasurable and enjoyable one and we have put together the following information to guide you through the process of planning, organising and running an event.

Step 1 - Check event venue is available

The hiring of TDC land for events is very popular meaning demand is high, you can view the list of event sites here. Please contact us to check if the land is available for the date(s) you want. 

Step 2 - Notify us of your event

You need to notify us of your event by completing and returning the Event Notification Form. If you are hiring council land we will be able to provisionally book this for you.

Please note that from 1 December 2016 the application fee is chargeable for all event applications regardless of size, site required or status of organisation that is making the application.  The fee payable is £62.50 + VAT @ 20% and is non-refundable.  

Step 3 - Event Application

When we have received your completed Event Notification Form we will send you out an invoice for the application fee along with an Event Application Pack. 

Your Event Application needs to be completed and returned to us at least 14 weeks prior to your event start date.  


Available as PDF downloads

Kent Police and South East Counter Terrorism Unit have issued guidance in relation to event safety and what can be done to improve event safety and therefore decrease the likelihood of an attack, find out more here. Further information can also be found on the NaCTSO website.