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Complain about unsafe food or poor premises

  • Complain about unsafe food or poor premises

We can investigate complaints about unsafe food or food premises where hygiene standards appear poor. 

Responsibility for investigating food complaints is shared with Kent Trading Standards.  Put simply, we deal with safety issues and they deal with quality and labelling.

Complaints dealt with by the food team

  • Dirty or unhygienic food businesses or staff
  • Food contaminated with a foreign body such as an insect, nail or piece of plastic
  • Food that has made you ill see food poisoning
  • Food that smells bad
  • Food that is mouldy
  • Food that has passed its “use by” date – perishable foods.

Complaints dealt with by Trading Standards

  • Food labelling
  • Weight or size issues
  • Poor quality food such as stale bread
  • Food that has passed its “best before” date – most non-refrigerated foods

If you make a complaint, please remember:

  • We do not accept anonymous complaints.  We need your name and address, but this will never be released to a manufacturer or retailer without your permission.

  • We will need details of where and when you bought the food, and the wrapping or container, and if you have it, some of the food for examination.  Store any food samples, well-wrapped and labelled, in the freezer away from good food, if you cannot bring it direct to the Council Offices.  Leave any foreign body as you found it in the food.

  • Before we carry out a formal investigation, we will also need an undertaking from you to act as a witness in the event of prosecution action by providing a witness statement.

  • Minor complaints are often best dealt with by taking back to the retailer for a replacement.  You can always call us for advice if you are unsure.

  • We cannot support you in claims for damages.