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What is the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme?

Food hygiene ratings can help you choose where to eat out or shop for food by giving you information about the hygiene standards our food safety officers found when they did their most recent scheduled hygiene inspection.

Thanet District Council secured funding from the Food Standards Agency (FSA), and is working in partnership with them to bring the national Food hygiene Rating Scheme to this area. All food premises inspected from 1 March 2012 are included in the scheme. 

What are the ratings and what do they mean? 

A business is given one of these six ratings:      

 Food hygiene rating 5 Very Good  Food hygiene rating 4 Good  Food hygiene rating 3 Generally Satisfactory
Food Hygiene Rating 5
Very good
Food Hygiene Rating 4
Food Hygiene Rating 3
Generally satisfactory
 Food hygiene rating 2 Improvement Necessary  Food hygiene rating 1 Major Improvement Necessary  Food hygiene rating 0 Urgent Improvement Necessary
Food Hygiene Rating 2
Improvement necessary
Food Hygiene Rating 1
Major improvement necessary
Food Hygiene Rating 0
Urgent improvement necessary

All businesses should be able achieve the top rating of 5.  

What does the rating mean?

Officers from the Food Safety Team inspect all food premises regularly to check they meet legal requirements.  Details they establish during their routine inspection about the standards of hygiene, condition of the structure and the level of confidence they have in the management of the business are used to calculate the rating.

It is an overall guide to hygiene.  No assessment about the quality of the food is made.