Kent Agency Assessments

  • Kent Agency Assessments

Kent Agency Assessment

A Kent Agency Assessment (KAA) should be made where a service user requires re-housing due to a health/support need that cannot be met in, or is being exacerbated by, their current accommodation.

The KAA is designed to be used in Kent by statutory partner agencies and their agents, which for the purposes of the KAA are agreed as: 

  • Community Mental Health Team
  • Early Intervention Teams (managers or social workers)
  • General Practitioners GPS
  • Health Visitors
  • Hospitals (not Mental Health)
  • Kent Council for Addiction (KCA) and Change Grow Live (CGL) for Substance Misuse (managers or team leaders)
  • Kent Association for the Blind (for KCC)
  • Leaving Care Services (accommodation manager or social worker)
  • Mental Health In patient Services
  • Mental Health Older People Service
  • Occupatioal Therapists
  • Probation/Community Rehabilitation Company (Offender Managers)
  • Social Services (Social workers or managers)
  • Specialist Childrens Services (social worker or manager)

Examples of situations where you could use Kent Agency Assessment

The client has a critical need to move due to extreme health and support needs that can only be relieved or improved by a move to alternative accommodation.

  • For example: Where adaptations are required to enable a person to live independently and their current accommodation is not suitable for those adaptations.
  • For example: Where a client with severe mental health problems is receiving treatment and support from mental health services but is deemed to be at risk of harm in their current accommodation.

Referral form and guidance information

Visit the Kent Housing Group web site to download the KAA referral form with guidance notes here.  This form has been revised and is in use from June 2017 onwards.  


If you have a query or would like further information for Thanet, please contact:

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