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Selective Licensing Scheme, an Introduction

Selective Licensing

Selective licensing designation 2011 – 2016

In 2011, Thanet District Council designated parts of the electoral wards of Margate Central and Cliftonville West as a selective licensing area. Unless subject to exemption, all privately rented properties within the area were required to be licensed with the council. The scheme was introduced to help tackle low housing demand and anti-social behaviour. The scheme required landlords to comply with a range of conditions to ensure good property management.

Owing to the success of the selective licensing designation, the scheme was continued with a further designation.

Further selective licensing designation 2016-2021

On 19 January 2016, the council’s Cabinet decided to make a further five year selective licensing designation. The designation concerns an area similar to that in the previous scheme; however, additional properties in Trinity Square and Northdown Road have now been included. The further designation came into force on 21 April 2016 (the day after the previous scheme expired) and will expire on 20 April 2021, unless revoked early by the council. There was no break between the designations.

All licences granted under the previous scheme will remain valid until they expire (the expiry date is shown on the front page of every licence). Existing licence holders are advised to renew their licences early, as a renewal application made at least six weeks before the licence expiry date will attract a lower licence fee. The full proposal, as considered by the council’s Cabinet, provides more comprehensive information about the designation.

The new designation is expected to contribute to:

  • an improvement in the social and economic conditions in the area;
  • a reduction in anti-social behaviour;
  • an improvement in general housing conditions;
  • a reduction in the level of deprivation;
  • a reduction in crime.


Link to full proposal as considered by the council’s Cabinet PDF

Link to Public Notice

Designation of Selective Licensing Area