Coastal Community Teams

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In 2015 Thanet District Council was awarded DCLG Coastal Community Team funding for the main resort towns of Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate.

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) initiated Coastal Community Teams to champion coastal regeneration and tackle the economic challenges that coastal towns across Britain face, with the collective aim to bring jobs, growth and prosperity back to our resort towns. The teams are a way to engage local public, private and the community in the regeneration of their towns by developing and delivering solutions in partnership.

Three Coastal Community Teams (CCT) have been set-up, Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate. Each of the teams has received a DCLG grant of £10,000 to assist with the setting up of the team and to produce an economic plan.

The membership of these teams brings together public, private, and voluntary organisations to ensure a co-ordinated approach to supporting sustainable economic growth. Each of the CCT teams was initially set-up with representatives from their Town Team, Neighbourhood Planning Forum and Town Council. Margate which does not have a town council draws a representative from the Margate Charter Trustees.


Broadstairs CCT Group

Broadstairs Neighbourhood Plan - Cllr Rosalind Blinks

Broadstairs Town Council - Cllr Rosalind Blinks

Broadstairs Town Team - Kerry Millet


Margate CCT Group

Margate Neighbourhood Plan Forum - Liam Nabb

Margate Charter Trustee - Cllr Rosamund Dixon

Margate Town Team - Richard Ash


Ramsgate CCT Group

Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan Group - Jenny Dawes

Ramsgate Town Council – Cllr Lin Fairbrass

Ramsgate Town Team – Rebekah Smith


Thanet District Council is the accountable body.

Point of contact: Katherine Wilson, Thanet District Council



The Economic Plans

The economic plans are important documents in setting out a vision for each of the towns and creating partnerships to deliver real change. The teams developed their plans by drawing from their knowledge, community engagement and current strategies and action plans.


The economic plans of the three towns are initially focusing on the town centres and incorporate four overarching themes:

  • Creating an attractive place to work, visit and live
  • Celebrating the town centre’s heritage and culture
  • Diversifying the offer within the town centre
  • Improving connectivity of the town centre


These economic plans are evolving document that will change and be updated as the CCT Teams engage with key stakeholders and gain further feedback through community engagement including the Neighbourhood Plan process, and initiatives develop and projects are completed.

 The current CCT economic plans are:

 Broadstairs CTT Economic Plan

 Margate CCT Economic Plan

 Ramsgate CCT Economic Plan



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